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Connector for SAP ERP HCM PT

Uncompromising Workforce Management:
SAP time management meets ATOSS Workforce Management

Especially during periods of market volatility and sharply fluctuating demand, personnel requirements and Workforce Management often diverge widely. This results in expensive overtime and unoccupied time, low productivity, poor service, loss of revenues and dissatisfied customers. ATOSS Workforce Management enables the optimal synchronization of personnel requirements and workforce deployment. The solution makes it easy for companies from all sectors and of all sizes to prepare and analyze complex shift-, workplace- and order-related schedules and simulate deployment scenarios. This in turn ensures that the right employees with the right qualifications are deployed at the right time in the right place – and at optimized costs as well.

Top performance, comprehensive investment protection

This comprehensive planning functionality is now also fully available to SAP users. They can use their SAP human capital management software and simultaneously plan and steer their Workforce Management with ATOSS in a demand-optimized manner, online and just in time. Even the most complex deployment scenarios are easy to implement. SAP users benefit from more efficient, demand-optimized deployment of their employees, higher profitability and greater transparency. Their investments are protected, and the advantages of integration in the overall system are retained.

Planning without system limits

ATOSS Connector enables the seamless data exchange between SAP ERP HCM PT and ATOSS Workforce Management. By integrating the two systems, workforce processes can be mapped without any media gaps. Duplicate maintenance, errors and inconsistencies are avoided. Both systems have access at all times to personnel related information such as qualifications and time management data, including employee presence and absence, on-call service and time accounts.


  • Quick and easy planning based on real time information
  • Flexible formatting of planning dialog
  • Reduced planning input thanks to automatic plausibility testing and rule-based proposals
  • Planning for fluctuating demand
  • Simulation of different planning scenarios
  • Real time forecasts showing personnel costs and fulfillment of demand
  • Comprehensive warning system in event of breaches
  • Excellent transparency thanks to uniform, up-to-the-minute database