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Time Management

Time Management – challenges of the modern employment market

Today’s constantly changing employment markets and ever new reforms in favor of employees are forcing SMEs in particular to rethink their approaches. In order to remain competitive in the face of globalization, resources must be used to optimum effect. Human resources in particular require a change of outlook. It is becoming increasingly more important to view each employee as an individual with his or her own needs and specific working time requirements and to deploy them accordingly – in the interests of economic efficiency and process optimization.

A time management solution enables the recording, evaluation and analysis of hours worked on a cost-by-cause basis. Statutory regulations such as the introduction of a minimum wage in Germany or the obligatory requirement to record working time in Switzerland mean that it is essential to come to terms with the issue of time management software.

Time Management requirements:

  • Retrograde-compatible, adaptable time management solution
  • Consideration given to settlement modalities
  • Information output with automated warnings
  • Flexible reporting and dialog structures
  • Purpose- and benefit-controlled user authorization to record and use data for evaluation
  • Working hours evaluated in compliance with company and collective agreements and statutory requirements

Time Management – maximum functionality and innovative technology

ATOSS offers a modular software solution that supports SMEs in particular in time recording and HR planning. This enables companies to respond rapidly and cost-efficiently to market requirements, facilitating an increasing degree of working time flexibility and greatly easing the introduction of work-life balance concepts for employees.

Actively integrating employees into the Time Management process encourages a sense of responsibility and motivation, which in turn results in improved performance and service quality. As a specialist in modern Workforce Management ATOSS offers a range of different modules: these include, for example, Employee & Manager Self Service as an ideal extension to an employee portal or Intranet on the subject of time and attendance management, or an app for mobile workforce management.

The advantages of IT-based Time Management at a glance:

  • Master data administration
  • Time recording irrespective of place, time or device
  • Time Management with an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Time assessment for the interaction with other departments such as payroll and accounting
  • Analysis and controlling with individual reports