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Time recording beyond all boundaries

Record working time conveniently - enjoy transparency gains

Flexible working time and employees' control over their own time on the one hand, ever fiercer competition and rapid delivery times on the other - high performance Time Management calls for comprehensive transparency: this involves knowing exactly who is currently working on which project, evaluating all data directly without delay, passing the data on to the wage and salary system, and delivering meaningful analyses - at the push of a button.

Whether on the go, or in the office, on construction sites or on location at customer premises - time recording based on ATOSS offers modern tools for all requirements, and enables staff to "clock" their hours by telephone, smartphone, notebook, via the Internet, POS system, software or hardware terminal. Or even automatically, when opening a door. Working times and activities are recorded whenever and wherever they occur. This lowers administration input and helps to reduce errors. In this way, distributed locations and branch network operations become an integrated unit.

Up-to-the-minute information

Exactly who is present and working on what? Is it possible to increase the productivity of our team even more? With ATOSS you have a clear overview of time balances, absence, overtime, allowances - always up to the minute thanks to online processing. These functionalities deliver meaningful decision making foundations for management, while minimizing data maintenance and routine tasks. This leaves more time for the efficient steering of human resources.


  • Comprehensive transparency thanks to online, up-to-the-minute status
  • Automation reduces administration input
  • Reduction of error sources
  • High employee satisfaction based on more balanced and just planning
  • Sound management information
  • Future-proofed solutions thanks to leading edge technologies