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        ATOSS is a genuine digital pioneer that helps other companies to adapt to the ongoing digitization of the working world and use data in a structured manner. This is backed by an extremely valuable knowledge advantage that is now being rewarded accordingly.

        Dr. Sebastian Theopold
        Munich Strategy, Studienautor Top 100 – Ranking des Mittelstands, Handelsblatt
        New Work

        Are you ready for New Work?

        Technological change has never been as fast as it is today and will never be as slow as it is today. ATOSS accompanies you to a working world with a future. Our video outlines the current trends. How can you integrate a sense of purpose, as well as scope for freedom, self-determination and personal responsibility into your daily work routine? Learn everything about New Work.

        Digital workforce management combines efficiency, employee satisfaction and compliance

        Increased efficiency through digital workflows. A planning accuracy of 95% through AI-based operational and strategic planning that simultaneously optimizes costs and takes compliance into account.  More self-determination and motivation for employees through self-services, APPs and sharing exchanges. ATOSS Workforce Management creates a working world in which everyone benefits. 

        Digital Workforce Management

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