Digitizing time & attendance management

Managing working times efficiently

Are you grappling with attendance records, timesheets, and the intricacies of labor regulations? Explore how ATOSS solutions can help you in achieving precision in time and attendance management:

  • Enhanced cost control for all time-related matters
  • Comprehensive mapping of compliance requirements
  • Increased transparency through insightful reporting

Seize this opportunity to modernize your time and attendance management practices, guaranteeing your organization's operational efficiency and legal compliance.

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Creating a uniform database 

Say goodbye to redundant data management. Thanks to digital working time management, you’ll manage your master data only once and always have a consistent database at hand. Important information such as employee data, working time models or qualifications are stored centrally. Any changes to existing data are automatically available to connected systems or for real-time workforce scheduling.

Adhering to compliance requirements 

Legal regulations, collective agreements, company agreements, flexible working time models or the consideration of national and international holidays. Digital working time management supports you in considering all these factors and warns you in real-time of rule violations, thereby ensuring legally compliant organization of working time, even across national borders. A comprehensive authorization system protects personnel data from unauthorized access.

Automate all working time management processes

Your employees' time balances must not exceed a limit? Night shifts entail special surcharges? Evaluated data must be transferred manually? Automated processes enable efficient management, evaluation and analysis of working time data – from time recording through to the transfer to the payroll system. 

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Our new workforce management solution is effective on many levels. It supports us in efficiently putting modern working time concepts into practice. At the same time, we can manage our production staff more flexibly. 

Markus Löw
Head of HR Services, ebm-papst

Greater working time data transparency

How do the target and actual working hours of your employees all add up? Who has built up too much overtime or minus hours? What is the holiday status throughout the company or in individual departments? How high is the sickness rate? With digital working time management, all data is available to executives and management in real time and can be bundled into meaningful reports. The system-supported dispatch of recurring evaluations to definable target groups is also optional.

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Digital workflows instead of paperwork

Digital workflows will make your HR processes a great deal efficient – from simple holiday request or home office applications, to short off-site work, training and all the way through to complex overtime requests. In a company with 1,000 employees, for example, around 8,000 hours per year are spent on the manual processing of holiday requests alone. Use self services and mobile apps to actively involve your employees in working time management and measurably reduce the administrative input in your company.

Overview of costs and projects at all times 

A clear overview of working times in relation to cost centers, cost types, cost units, orders or projects creates transparency for controlling. It is possible, for example, to calculate whether projects or orders are economical in terms of the time invested or how efficiently individual company areas are working with regard to their use of time.

Working times can be booked down to the minute to cost centers, cost types, orders or projects. This creates transparency for controlling and the foundation for sound analyses. At the push of a button, you’ll know how much time is spent on a service, whether a project is economical in relation to the time spent, or how efficiently individual company departments are working. Optimization potential becomes visible.

Ready for digital working time management

  • A uniform master data basis
  • Mapping of all compliance requirements
  • Greater transparency thanks to meaningful reports 
  • Fewer routine processes 
  • Integration of workforce via self services and apps
  • Better cost control in working time matters

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FAQs about time and attendance management

  • What does digital time management entail, and why is it important? 

    Digital time management involves the use of technology to effectively manage work hours and tasks. Its significance lies in its ability to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and promote a healthier work-life balance. By utilizing digital tools and systems, organizations can optimize resource allocation, minimize manual efforts, and empower employees to work more efficiently. 

  • How does a unified database assist with time management? 

    A unified database plays a crucial role in time and attendance management by centralizing all relevant information related to work hours and tasks. This consolidation enables immediate access to real-time data, contributing to more informed decision-making. Whether it's scheduling, tracking, or analyzing workforce activities, a unified database provides a comprehensive view of operations, contributing to streamlined planning and ultimately improving resource allocation and productivity. 

  • How does digital time management help in legal compliance?

    Digital time management is a powerful tool for ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations. It excels in maintaining accurate and detailed records of employee work hours, breaks, and overtime. By automating these processes, organizations reduce the risk of errors and ensure adherence to legal requirements. This not only mitigates compliance-related risks but also fosters a fair and transparent work environment.

  • What are the advantages of streamlining time and attendance management?

    Time management solutions alleviate the burden of routine tasks by automating various processes such as time tracking, scheduling, and reporting. By delegating these repetitive activities to digital tools, employees can redirect their efforts toward more valuable and strategic tasks. This not only improves overall productivity but also enhances job satisfaction and employee engagement. 

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  • How can employees gain greater work hour control via self-services and apps? 

    Through the integration of self-service functionalities and mobile applications, employees gain greater autonomy in managing their work hours. They can conveniently access their schedules, request time off, and monitor their work hours in real-time. This empowerment promotes a sense of ownership over one's work-life balance, leading to increased job satisfaction and improved overall well-being. 

  • How does time management impact work hour cost control?

    Time management tools are invaluable in providing insights into labor costs. By analyzing data related to work hours, organizations can identify cost drivers, optimize resource allocation, and proactively manage their budgets. This data-driven approach enables organizations to not only control expenses but also improve workforce efficiency and adapt to changing demands, ultimately driving better cost management and financial sustainability. 

  • What are the advantages of using ATOSS software for time and attendance?

    ATOSS software excels in time management and workforce optimization by offering personalized solutions, real-time insights, demand forecasting, compliance simplicity, and employee empowerment. With ATOSS, organizations can seamlessly tailor the software to their unique needs, gain real-time insights into labor costs, optimize resource allocation through demand forecasting, and streamline work schedules for heightened efficiency. ATOSS simplifies compliance with labor laws, empowers employees with self-service options, and provides cost control insights, resulting in increased productivity and a competitive edge. As a trusted partner, ATOSS ensures organizations thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.

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