Lost calls, lost revenue – competent customer dialog 24/7

For a relaxed customer journey

Whether sales, telemedicine or service center, when it comes to customer contact, every single minute counts. Long waiting times, unfriendly agents or unqualified information are punished with sales and image losses. Demand- and employee-oriented scheduling ensures motivated teams and a relaxed customer journey.

These companies rely on ATOSS solutions in their call centers. An excerpt from the customer list.

Clearly defined time budgets for customer dialog and back office

The balancing act between economic efficiency and service quality is part of daily business. Workforce management ensures the exact deployment of personnel in line with the order volume. Accurate forecasts not only factor in the "customer contact" transaction, but also its average processing time. Competent 24/7 customer dialog is guaranteed. 

Workforce Management Process Call Center

The holistic workforce management process in the call center

Fairness and transparency in all working time matters

Full integration with working time management makes availabilities and time accounts visible in real time. The system maps tariffs, laws and company- or country-specific regulations 1:1. In the event of short-term staff shortage, a suitable replacement can be found quickly – taking into account the qualifications and the status of the time account. In this way, overtime is distributed more fairly, while unnecessary personnel costs are avoided at the same time. 

ATOSS Kunde HUK Coburg

Our workforce management solution provides us with the basis for more flexibility and employee-friendly working concepts. In a service business, a motivated team simply makes all the difference in day-to-day customer contact.

Maria Herbst-Böhm
Head of Human Resources, HUK-COBURG Insurance Group

Work-life integration: flexible within the entrepreneurial framework   

Self services, apps and scheduling of preferred duty planning enable co-determination in the organization of working time. By way of a digital shift exchange platform, colleagues can swap shifts more or less independently, even after scheduling. Before confirming the exchange, the system checks whether all defined specifications have been met. In this way, individual flexibility remains within the entrepreneurial framework.  

Digital employee experience that is fun

Intuitive self services also help HR and supervisors get daily routines done faster. For example, holiday requests can be approved or denied from anywhere by way of the app. Push messages inform all users about changes in the duty plan and to-dos concerning working hours, which they can easily edit online. More time is created for the essentials – on all company levels.

ATOSS Call Center Solution

The advantages at a glance:

  • High duty plan quality thanks to precise forecasting 
  • Project time recording via self services and app
  • Time forecasts for customer contact and back office activities
  • Fewer routine tasks
  • Digital workflows for employees and managers