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Excellence in workforce management

Future and investment security guaranteed

For more than 30 years we have accompanied the transformation of working worlds with our advanced solutions for professional workforce management. To date, we have invested over EUR 135 million in the technology, user-friendliness and scalability of our software. No wonder that "The 2020 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard" features us among the TOP 100 European software manufacturers with the highest R&D investments. In workforce management, we even top the list. 

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ATOSS Software has been able to secure a market-leading position in the workforce management sector in the DACH region by investing 20 percent of sales annually in research & development.

5/2021, „Thank you, home office trend”

Innovation is our claim 

We combine the know-how gained from around 15,000 customer projects with tomorrow’s technologies. Agile development processes, leading-edge testing procedures and short cycles enable innovation at ever shorter intervals. In 2020 alone, we launched 800 new functions and features in our enterprise solution. 
This means that our customers always have their finger on the pulse of the times – in terms of technologies and functionalities. 

Business software of the intelligent kind

New ways of working call for new technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now adding business value to our workforce management solutions. Learning systems detect anomalies in historical data and significantly increase the precision of personnel requirement prognoses. Perspectively, duty plans will optimize themselves based on manual corrections. And in the future, natural language user interaction will give rise to an entirely new kind of user experience. Obviously, we are pressing full speed ahead with these issues. 

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We invest very consistently in R&D and thus in the future. It is our mission and our passion to continue revolutionizing the workforce management market – this time with our cloud services.

Pritim Kumar Krishnamoorthy

Cloud specialists – that’s us

We have many years of experience in developing and operating workforce management software in the cloud. Only recently, our latest generation, ATOSS CLOUD24/7, was launched. With even better services at lower costs. We are working intensively on the further development of our cloud architecture. In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art cloud-native methods to further accelerate the deployment and adaptation of our software to ever more rapidly changing requirements. Our mission: to optimally support our customers' business models.

The right user interface for everyone 

Puristic tile look, optimized interaction design and role-specific use cases. Our UX and UI team works according to the user-centered design process to create the perfect interface for all users of all types. Our solutions stand for the best user experience and enable intuitive, highly efficient work. And this has not gone unnoticed: We rank among the top business applications in the System Usability Scale (SUS). 


More and more of our customers are moving to the cloud. In our interview, Markus Wieser and Pritim Krishnamoorthy explain why. 

Employee experience in a class of its own 

Apps and self services with a learning threshold close to 0 open up intuitive access to more flexible, transparent working time management for all employees. Our Staff Center features as a genuine milestone on the road to employee integration. We have consistently tailored the use cases to each user role. Absolutely intuitive and applicable without any training. For workforce management that is decidedly fun to use. 

Parameterization instead of programming 

Laws, tariffs, industry specifics or company-specific processes – we implement even complex customer requirements in our standard versions. So there’s no need for extensive additional programming. The principle of parameterization is also a key strength of our software in the smooth connection of access terminals, payroll and HR systems – in national as well as international installations. Our customers benefit from predictable costs, shorter times to live operation, faster rollouts to subsidiaries or countries, and greater flexibility for adjustments when in operation. What’s more, in many cases power users take over these tasks on their own after training.

Flexible, employee-friendly and increasingly intelligent

The past determines the future. Our Managing Director Product Management Markus Wieser on workforce management trends. 

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Without system boundaries

Our solution suites impress with their openness and flexibility. They can be easily integrated into our customers’ system worlds as well as into the portfolios of our partners. This provides consistent HR platforms, enabling the convenient and modern design and organization of processes across system boundaries. Our interfaces to SAP SuccessFactors or DATEV are prime examples – openness from which everyone stands to benefit.