Flexible duty planning benefiting clients, patients and staff

Shaping the future with flexible working hours

By opting for digital duty planning, self services, preferred working hours, flexible shifts and pools of stand-in staff, healthcare organizations of all sizes and orientations are making their working worlds fit for the future. Concurrently, they are ensuring high care quality levels and cost-efficient workforce management. 

Clinics and social services rely on ATOSS solutions. An excerpt from the customer list.

    Workforce management creates healthy working conditions

     Hospitals as well as care and social services are viewed as unattractive places to work. Care quality suffers from the resulting shortage of skilled staff. The legislator has reacted by mandating nursing staff lower limits (PpUGV) and minimum staffing requirements in psychiatry and psychosomatics (PPP-RL). Workforce management assists healthcare organizations in complying with these policies, while creating an employee-centric work environment at the same time. 

    ATOSS Kunde Klinikum Saarbrücken

    Innovative, employee-friendly work concepts as well as the new legal and collective bargaining requirements can be implemented quite easily with our software. We are well prepared for the rostering of a new generation

    Thomas Hesse
    Human Resources Director, Klinikum Saarbrücken

    Organizing working hours reliably and fairly  

    Digital workforce management enables duties and shifts to be scheduled early enough for doctors and nurses to reliably plan their work and leisure time. Preferred working hours and shifts flow directly into planning. The option of exchanging duties and shifts with colleagues via apps and self-services creates additional flexibility in organizing working hours. 

    Rules, laws and tariffs under control at all times 

    The solution maps the current status of laws, tariffs and operational regulations. This creates the foundation of working time management compliant with legislation and regulations. In the event of imminent violations, if collectively agreed maximum limits, personnel sub-limits or minimum personnel requirements are not adhered to, for example, warnings are issued automatically. Intraday corrections are performed based on midnight statistics from the hospital information system. 

    Workforce management in line with the medical processes 

    Ward or nursing managers plan their teams flexibly for workplaces, medical equipment, shifts or special services. Working time and shift patterns, qualifications, time accounts and individual duty plan requests are transparently available for scheduling. In this way, workload fluctuations – commonplace in anesthesia and the operating theater – are compensated for efficiently and economically. 

    Branchen Gesundheit

    Recording physicians’ working hours via app 

    With the new TV-Ärzte (labor agreement for doctors), binding rules apply to the recording of working hours. Clinics are required to electronically record and document physician attendance. Self services and apps support the tariff-compliant implementation – without any training input required. Doctors conveniently handle time bookings, requests, approvals and corrections digitally. 

    Nursing and social services with a feel-good factor 

    Qualified staff often care for patients and clients around the clock. Whether at home or in their own facilities, in kitchens, therapy scenarios, administration and on night duty, hundreds of working time and shift patterns as well as standby pools ensure the necessary flexibility. Workforce management supports this diversity with digital duty planning, mobile time tracking and automated workflows – thereby unburdening nursing staff and the HR area. And what’s more important, this creates time for the essentials. 

    Management information at the push of a button 

    The ATOSS Connector transfers selected data directly to the BI system. Whether time credits, overtime, holiday account or sickness rate history, development of age structures or further training measures – the data from workforce management generates meaningful reports at the push of a button. This creates an even more well-founded information and decision-making basis for head physicians, nursing service and administrative managers, personnel management and management, while facilitating efficient controlling. 

    Flexible working concepts make employers more attractive 

    Preferred working hours, preferred duty plans, digital preferences book and plannable working hours are important tools for finding and retaining skilled workers. The shift exchange platform additionally enables short-term autonomous swaps. The system automatically checks whether all defined guidelines are adhered to before issuing an approval. Coordination with supervisors is not required. 

    ATOSS Medical Solution

    The advantages at a glance:

    • Patient- or client-oriented working time organization 
    • Plannable and fair working hours
    • Stronger integration of the workforce into personnel processes 
    • Greater self-determination thanks to shift exchange platform and preferred duty plans
    • Duty planning in compliance with the law and regulations 
    • Legally compliant time recording in line with ECJ ruling 
    • Greater efficiency and higher care quality

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