Producing success across the board with workforce excellence 

Optimizing personnel processes on the shop floor

Operational excellence means the optimization of manufacturing processes along the entire value chain. Digital workforce management assists in continuously improving workflows, optimally integrating employees and thereby raising productivity. Order fluctuations are managed efficiently and economically.

Production companies rely on ATOSS. An excerpt from the customer list.

    Manufacturing more productively with flexible shift planning

    In today’s Industry 4.0, the interaction between people and systems is vital for success. If the right specialist is at the right machine at the right time, quality and output will rise. Flexible shift planning that factors in production capacity, order situation and employee interests is the challenge of a networked working world. 

    Getting a grip on compliance 

    The Working Hours Act, occupational health and safety regulations, collective agreements and the ECJ ruling on the mandatory recording of working hours – industry has to comply with many regulations. By relying on digital time recording via terminal, self services or app, production companies are on the safe side. The recorded data is available in the time management system without gaps for evaluations. Laws, tariffs and company regulations are all stored in the system. Automatic warnings are issued in the event of violations.

    Zitat ebm-papst

    Our new workforce management solution is effective on many levels. It supports us in efficiently putting modern working time concepts into practice. At the same time, we can manage our production staff more flexibly. 

    Markus Löw
    Head of HR Services, ebm-papst

    Managing qualifications professionally 

    By way of ATOSS qualifications management you assign specific target qualifications to each sample workplace. In this way, every employee receives the actual, required qualifications, such as training as a first aider, the necessary knowledge to control or operate a machine or the forklift driver's license for example. Assisted by this qualifications matrix, team leaders can automatically and quickly carry out a target-actual comparison and fill jobs just-in-time with the right specialist. At the same time, daily management is facilitated.

    ISO certification and training with a system 

    Our qualifications matrix also includes legally mandated training, such as certification according to ISO 50001, for example. Thanks to our task management tool, supervisors will have an overview at all times of where certifications are in danger of expiring. The system notifies in time, sends invitations to due trainings and informs foremen by email. Fully automatic and documented end to end.

      Utilizing machine capacity, unburdening people 

      The Automatic Duty Plan generates an optimal plan proposal that factors in time and holiday balances, shift patterns, qualifications, as well as breaks and rest periods – in addition to laws and pay scales. Additional shifts, overtime or weekend work are distributed transparently, fairly and automatically throughout the team. This ensures optimum capacity utilization and employee-friendly shift planning at the same time.  

      Working hours in line with order situations

      The integration of the production planning system, workforce scheduling and time management creates transparency in terms of the actual personnel requirements as well as the available gross and net capacities. Based on the planned orders, the system specifies the personnel requirements for a plant, line or shift in a particular time interval. This results in demand and cost optimized shift plans.

      Integrating deskless workers into the processes

      Thanks to digital workforce management, deskless workers can also be easily integrated into HR processes. Without PCs and without a company email address. Via workstations, employees can access the Staff Center on the shop floor. Employees can record working hours, submit paperless holiday requests, specify duty plan requests or carpools, and swap shifts. What’s more, they have an overview of shift schedules and their working time account at all times. Intuitive and without involving major training input.

      This is where our solutions are at home

      •    Automotive and aerospace industry
      •    Chemical industry 
      •    Electronics & microtechnology 
      •    Energy, environment & raw materials
      •    Information and telecommunication technology  
      •    Consumer goods industry 

        ATOSS Manufacturing Solution

        The advantages at a glance:

        • Order-oriented working time organization 
        • Fair, employee-oriented shift planning
        • Greater flexibility in production  
        • Transparency for teams, planners and management
        • High planning quality involving less planning input

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