Customer and employee satisfaction begins with operational workforce scheduling

Plan digitally, act flexibly

According to Bain & Company, optimizing workforce management ranks as one of the top issues for companies in digitalizing the working world of tomorrow. With digital workforce management, your workforce scheduling can become both demand-optimized and employee-oriented. Everyone benefits. You’d like to know more?

Costs down, efficiency up 

The aim of operational workforce scheduling is to plan so as to avoid both expensive over- or understaffing. Ensure that the right number of people are deployed at the right time, in the right place and with the right skills. At optimized costs and with attention to the interests of the workforce.

Mapping compliance requirements securely

Planning must take laws, collective agreements, company agreements and individual working time regulations into account. This adds rising complexity to planning and scheduling, while increasing the risk of legal consequences. Why not let a system do all the heavy lifting? The system automatically monitors all regulations, and issues warnings in the event of violations. Already during the planning process.  

ATOSS Kunde DB Schenker

We operate in a dynamic market and are tasked with rapid response to demand fluctuations with staff holding the right qualifications. Our workforce management solution provides us with the necessary flexibility and transparency in workforce scheduling.

Christina Markowski
Head of Performance Measurement & Support DB, DB Schenker

Actively involving employees

A flexible organization of working time offering maximum work-life integration makes employers more attractive. And happier, more satisfied employees are simply more productive. Make the most of this potential and integrate your workforce into planning. Preferential duty plans or the option of swapping shifts and duties independently, or including carpools in planning are ideal instruments here. 

Implementing planning changes rapidly

As good as workforce scheduling may be, every company has to react promptly to unexpected fluctuations in personnel requirements or to sudden personnel shortages. In this context, it is important to make the right decision quickly with the help of automatisms and on the basis of transparent data. Digital workforce management makes day-to-day management plain and simple.

Schmuckbild Operative Personaleinsatzplanung Frau sitzt am Schreibtisch und arbeitet mit einem Laptop

Creating planning scenarios with real-time data

Heterogeneous systems present planning challenges. Even today, dispatchers often have to extract time balances, holiday data, individual employee requirements or special working time models from various data sources and transfer them to the schedule. Digital workforce management provides all data in real time. The option of simulating planning scenarios creates additional transparency while raising planning quality.

Ready for next level workforce scheduling

  • Simple and efficient duty and shift planning
  • Achieve higher planning quality with less effort 
  • Demand-optimized workforce management
  • Full cost control
  • More flexible response to demand fluctuations
  • Higher employee satisfaction

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