Workforce management ensures the desired service quality – on time and to budget

Premium services, total cost control

Demanding customers on the one hand, challenging skills shortages and cost pressure – service providers have to master the balancing act between service levels and cost efficiency day in, day out. Workforce management optimizes workflows and enables flexible, service-oriented workforce scheduling. 

These service providers rely on ATOSS. An excerpt from the customer list.

    Good working conditions for better performance 

    Service providers usually operate under difficult conditions. Different business areas, regional and sector tariffs, tight budgets and high time pressure make workforce scheduling complex. Digital workforce management incorporates all of these factors, while taking the interests of the workforce into account. After all, motivated employees are simply better employees. 

    Legally compliant time recording the mobile way 

    Time recording via workforce management app is a big time saver for employees, HR and management – while at the same time complying with the ECJ ruling on mandatory working time recording. Mobile municipal teams, for example in the gardening office or traffic monitoring, construction crews, security and cleaning services can book their working hours directly on the specific job with a "swipe" – thereby assigning them to the defined cost centers. Without any additional effort and error-prone forms.


    Digital workforce management makes our HR administration a great deal easier. It frees up time and scope for our top priorities: exceptional customer service and an attractive working environment.

    Michael C. Wisser
    CEO, Wisag

    Laws, tariffs, rules and regulations: it’s all under control! 

    Digital time management evaluates the recorded times and transfers them subsequently to the payroll system. The applicable collective agreements, laws and company regulations are automatically taken into account, as are shift bonuses. Team leaders benefit from real-time information about their employees' attendance, time balances and break times. The system proactively warns of impending violations, for example, if maximum working hours or personnel budgets are exceeded. 

    Intelligent shift planning with system 

    Workforce scheduling accesses real-time data and calculates a duty plan proposal that is legally compliant, cost-efficient and employee-friendly at the same time. Business-relevant knowledge, certifications and key qualifications are available centrally and transparently for scheduling. The use of stand-in staff pools, temporary workers, marginal employees or seasonal temporary workers are also efficiently managed via the system. 

    Holiday planning in minutes 

    Self services and workforce management apps actively involve the workforce in time management processes. A role-specific dashboard allows applicants and supervisors to view current time and holiday balances, as well as planned or requested holidays, at any time. Approval is a matter of minutes, while forms and paperwork are a thing of the past. This creates greater transparency and satisfaction throughout the company. 

    Mastering the working worlds of the future – with flexibility

    If employees are prevented from working at short notice, they can swap shifts with their colleagues via the shift exchange platform. The software only allows an autonomous exchange if all defined requirements, such as mandatory qualifications or compliance with rest periods, are fully met. This individual flexibility is of particular benefit to employees who are on duty around the clock for their customers. Whether facility management, vehicle service, hotline or financial service provider – flexible, employee-oriented shift or duty planning makes jobs more attractive.

    ATOSS Enterprise Solution

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