On the way to the Digital City – City of Munich

Highlights at a glance

  • Workforce management for some 40,000 employees
  • Standardization and digitalization at 800 locations
  • Highest safety standards met
  • Greater attractiveness of the city as a modern employer
  • Self services and mobile app for all employees
  • Complex workforce scheduling of 2,000 firefighters
  • Citizens benefiting from even better service

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The City of Munich is waving goodbye to time stamps: Germany’s largest municipal employer is switching from manual time recording to a digital workforce management system that is fit for the future – a groundbreaking, transformative decision for the city and its more than 40,000 employees. Following an intensive shortlisting process, the City of Munich chose to partner with ATOSS for this project. The key deciding factors were our expertise and innovative strength, the comprehensive features of our Enterprise Solution, compliance with tough IT security standards and, last but not least, the mighty resources of our Professional Services team. Because, here, it’s all about power in implementation: Time and Attendance Management is being rolled out across the entire urban administration – meaning
13 departments, five municipal corporations and more than 800 sites in all – and the project has to be completed in set stages as quickly as possible. Once this is done, all the city’s employees will record their working time electronically and request absences and holidays without a scrap of paper in sight – thanks to the intuitive Staff Center or the ATOSS App. 

A major digitization project in city administration is now seeing the light of day. Innovative workforce management will give us even more credibility in the future as we profile ourselves as a modern employer. In the age of digitization, that’s key.

Dr. Alexander Dietrich
Head of HR and Organization, City of Munich

An initial pilot project is under way at Munich’s city hall and a few other sites, involving nearly 150 employees. Another challenging project is running in parallel with time and attendance management: In the future, the fire department will rely on ATOSS Workforce Scheduling to plan and schedule almost 2,000 firefighters – a highly complex undertaking. Rest breaks, absences, qualifications, valid aptitude certificates and the many different on-call services will then all be managed digitally. The system is set to go live in early 2022. And the city council has
more projects up its sleeve too, because standardizing and digitizing processes across all areas is an important goal for the decision-makers at city hall. ATOSS Workforce Management is ensuring that the right employees will be in the right place at the right time in the future, thereby enabling them to provide their services with an even greater focus on the recipients – the people, businesses and institutions that live and work in the city. As a Munich-based company ourselves, we are particularly delighted to have the opportunity to accompany the city authorities on their journey into a digital future.

Source: ATOSS Customer City of Munich | ATOSS Annual Report 2019

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