Time recording with ATOSS

Legally compliant time recording and documentation

Is the documentation and correction of working hours consuming your valuable time? Are employee data and qualifications not always up-to-date? With ATOSS, these challenges are a thing of the past. Your benefits:

  • Reduced error susceptibility through minimized manual efforts.
  • Compliance with all ECJ requirements.
  • Ensuring compliance and data protection.

Embrace this opportunity to review and enhance your working time recording practices, ensuring your organization remains legally compliant and employee-friendly.

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Flexible time recording anytime and anywhere

Whether via terminal, smartphone, tablet, on PCs or via the POS system – digital time recording knows no limits. Ultimately, working times are recorded exactly where they occur. This also covers the increasing trend of remote and home office working. No matter from where or when – digital time recording drives flexibility forward.

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What are the advantages of digital time recording? And how can the requirements of the ECJ ruling on mandatory time recording be implemented in practice? Find out more in our checklist.

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Creating transparency and minimizing errors

Digitalize the processes revolving around working time recording and rely on real-time data in the future. Always up to the minute and available any time at the touch of a button. Routine activities and sources of errors are reduced, corrections can be made quickly – and documented in a traceable manner. 


Digital workforce management makes our HR administration a great deal easier. It frees up time and scope for our top priorities: exceptional customer service and an attractive working environment.

Michael C. Wisser
CEO, Wisag

Optimizing the workforce with sound data

Digital time recording forms the foundation of powerful and transparent time and attendance management. You’ll benefit from online access to current data at all times, while involving employees in the organization of their working time via self services. What’s more, you’ll be creating the basis for meaningful reports, correct payroll accounting or even optimized workforce scheduling

Safely controlling company access 

A comprehensive authorization concept, combined with digital time recording, regulates exactly who has access when and where. The location of specific persons is visible at all times. Higher security levels protect particularly sensitive areas against unauthorized access. 

Digital working time recording from ATOSS? 

  • Streamlined processes
  • Meeting legal requirements 
  • More transparency in working time matters 
  • Less input and error sources
  • Foundation for modern working time management

FAQs on time recording

  • What is ATOSS digital work time recording, and why is it beneficial for organizations?

    Digital working time recording from ATOSS is a technology-driven solution that enables organizations to efficiently track and manage employee work hours. It streamlines processes, enhances compliance with legal requirements, provides transparency in working time matters, reduces input and error sources, and forms the foundation for modern working time management.

  • How does digital time recording streamline organization processes?

    Digital working time recording automates various time-tracking processes, reducing the need for manual data entry and paperwork. This automation simplifies workflows, saves time, and minimizes administrative burdens for HR and payroll teams.

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  • How does ATOSS assist organizations in complying with legal requirements?

    ATOSS digital working time recording solution is designed to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations. It accurately captures and records employee work hours, breaks, and overtime, helping organizations stay within legal boundaries and avoid potential legal issues.

  • What does "more transparency in working time matters" mean?

    "More transparency in working time matters" refers to the ability of organizations to have clear visibility into employee work hours and related activities. Digital working time recording provides real-time insights and reports, allowing managers and employees to monitor and verify their schedules and working hours, fostering transparency and accountability.

  • How does digital work time recording minimize input errors?

    Digital working time recording eliminates manual data entry, which is prone to errors, and replaces it with automated processes. This reduces the likelihood of data entry mistakes, resulting in more accurate payroll processing and fewer errors in time reporting.

  • How can organizations employ digital time recording for modern workforce management?

    Digital working time recording serves as the cornerstone for modern working time management by providing a robust and flexible platform to adapt to changing workforce needs. It offers features such as demand forecasting, self-service options for employees, and real-time data analytics, enabling organizations to optimize their workforce management strategies and stay competitive in today's business landscape.

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