Making informed decisions with HR Analytics 

Reliable data instead relying on gut feeling

According to a Kienbaum study, only eleven percent of all companies surveyed have integrated data-driven decisions into their HR processes. But this is precisely where tremendous potential for making faster and better-informed decisions lies. 

Bundling HR key figures superfast and data-based Bundle HR key figures at the touch of a button with standardized online queries or individually generated reports. You can display these figures directly in your system or make them available as automated reports. The existing database of your digital workforce management system is all you need. Thanks to extensive templates, for example, evaluations can be created for: 

  • Cost center overview
  • Reakdown of full- and part-time employees
  • Exceeding the maximum working time
  • Breaches of the rest period regulations
  • Exceeding target times
  • Comparison of accrued working times between two areas
  • Target/actual comparison between planned and actually achieved sales


Integrating Business Intelligence into workforce management

Based on data-supported personnel analyses, you can develop the full potential of your workforce. Just tap the data from your workforce management system and analyze it with common BI tools. Data transfer is no problem via the ATOSS BI Connector. Get all the answers you need in one place. Perfectly prepared and visualized.


Identifying trends with precise analyses and acting proactively

With the help of defined KPIs and metrics, you will gain transparency about correlations in workforce deployment and management and can act quickly as required: You determine the dimensions and the level of detail.

  • Comparison between forecast and actual employee deployment
  • Comparison of real and planned sickness rates
  • Presentation of the age structure of all employees
  • Time credit analysis company-wide or per department
  • Annual comparison of holiday account analysis
  • Departmental comparisons, for example with regard to sick days or holidays
  • Productivity ratios at company, division and department level

Ready for greater transparency?

  • Analysis of HR key figures at the push of a button
  • Multidimensional analyses and reports
  • Uniform key figures throughout the company
  • Foundation for better informed decisions

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