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  • Cloud-based workforce management in 29 countries
  • Simple mapping of complex IT security requirements
  • Greater flexibility for expansion, high cost transparency

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The Gore-Tex® brand has made a global name for itself with tough, weatherproof clothing and shoes. But W. L. Gore & Associates, the company behind the brand, has much more to offer. Over 10,500 members of staff are researching, developing and manufacturing products on the basis of fluoropolymers in the fields of electronics, functional clothing, industry and medicine: from medical implants and clothes for Everest expeditions right through to electronic cables beaming signals up to Mars. The creativity driven high-tech company has production plants in the USA, Germany, the UK, China and Japan as well as sales offices in numerous countries. Having relied on the ATOSS Enterprise Solution for many years, Gore has now switched successfully to cloud-based workforce management worldwide. Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore – these are just a few of the countries whose laws, regulations and cultures the ATOSS cloud solution expertly deals with around the globe. The operation in the cloud makes it easier to master complex IT security requirements, gives the company even greater
flexibility for expansion and ensures maximum cost transparency. It’s good to see that our scalable Enterprise Solution is growing with every requirement thrown at it, whether on a national or international level. We are delighted to have the privilege of supporting one of the world’s best employers in shaping their working environment. Committed to innovation – at Gore that also goes for time and attendance management.

Source: ATOSS CUSTOMER W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATES / Annual Report 2019

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