Frontstage and backstage – Engelhorn

Highlights at a glance

  • Workforce management along the entire value chain
  • Efficient processes in logistics for day-ready order transactions
  • Workforce scheduling based on trend forecasts and key performance indicators
  • High forecasting accuracy and reduction of idle times
  • Internal pool of stand-in staff enhancing flexibility

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Engelhorn is one of the top notch addresses in Germany for fashion, accessories and sports-fashion – accounting for a shop floor area exceeding 41,000 m2 spread over nine shops, in addition to two online shops. This family-run business headquartered in Mannheim is a salient example of demand-driven, staff-oriented workforce management along the entire value chain. Around 1,650 staff members, including 470 employees in logistics, ensure that the company’s demanding customers receive outstanding service both frontstage and back.

Logistics is responsible for supplying the shops and the online shops. The task scope includes incoming goods, storage, labeling, order picking, returns and shipping. “Same-day processing” is the driving principle behind engelhorn’s modern logistics center. This means that orders are processed and completed on the same day. ATOSS Workforce Management helps to put this key objective cost efficiently into practice. Based on trend forecasts and key performance indicators, Workforce Forecasting calculates the exact number of employees required per hour for every deployment area.

The Automatic Duty Plan generates a demand-optimized, rules-based plan which takes account of legislation, pay-scales, working hour balances, availabilities and qualifications. An internal relief pool with multiple qualifications provides short-term flexibility. The effects of this integrated planning speak for themselves: higher forecasting accuracy and a significant reduction in overtime and idle times.

Source: ATOSS Customer Engelhorn  | Annual Report 2015