Launch your career while you study

and boldly explore exciting software galaxies!

Do you use a tablet as more than just something to put your energy drink on? Do Galaxy and Android mean more to you than just Star Wars? Do you think of something other than oranges at the mention of Java? In that case, you should come and explore IT galaxies with a young, cool team bursting with ideas. Take a sneak peek at work in practice, unleash your knowledge and put some money in your pocket at the same time!

From theory to practice

Work placement or jobs for working students — we will familiarize you with your future career options. As a student of computer science, economics or any similar course, you will have the opportunity to translate the theory you have learned into practice within a highly innovative, successful software and technology company. As a confident self-starter you will dig in and work with us on tomorrow’s work concepts — for the benefit of companies, employees and society.

Part-time jobs and posts for working students

Do the words tooling, testing and infrastructure ring a bell? In that case, why not opt for a working student job and support our development team in its projects. Or do your eyes light up at the mention of terms such as product management, KPIs or competitive analysis? There are also assignments carrying genuine responsibility for dedicated students in our controlling, marketing, sales, product management or consulting departments.

Adina Hellriegel


Join the ATOSS team. Any questions? I would be pleased to be of assistance!

Adina Hellriegel
Head of Recruiting & Employer Branding

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Alexandra Guliman


Join the ATOSS team. Any questions regarding our vacancies in Romania? I would be pleased to be of assistance!

Alexandra Moise
Recruiting Specialist

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