The ATOSS story 

We make working environments fit for the future

Flexibility, productivity and innovative energy are the be all and end all in times of volatile markets. An agile personnel infrastructure and fluid processes create the necessary preconditions. The key factor is to tap the full potential of the available workforce and maximize its flexibility. And this is precisely our strength. Every day, ATOSS Workforce Management makes a measurable contribution towards higher value creation and a sharper competitive edge. At the same time, we enable the implementation of employee-oriented working time concepts, thereby ensuring greater job satisfaction.

We live and breathe workforce management

We want to keep on shaking up the market for time and attendance management and workforce scheduling with innovative product ideas and state of the art software solutions. Our enthusiasm and commitment in facing up to this challenge is indefatigable. Since our inception in 1987, we have established ourselves as a key player and innovator in the workforce management market. And our declared aim is quite simply becoming better every day, in every way. 

The full gamut

More than 30 years of experience and over 10,000 successful projects worldwide — this is intellectual property that we are rightly proud of. Our relentless specialization has been rewarded. Today, ATOSS is positioned as a full range provider fielding a unique portfolio. No scenario is too complex, no company too large or small for us. We have an appropriate, expedient answer to any requirements scenario.


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20 percent 

Every year, we invest 20 percent of our sales in R&D. We are highly aware of the fact that topnotch software development is an ongoing, continuous obligation. According to the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard, ATOSS ranks among the Europe’s 100 software companies committing the highest levels of investment. And these ongoing investments pack a punch. In terms of technology, functionality and user experience, our workforce management solutions are decidedly cutting edge.

10,000 companies

from all sectors and of all sizes trust ATOSS when it comes to their most valuable resource, the people they employ.

More than 3,500,000 employees

worldwide are planned and managed with ATOSS Workforce Management solutions. Whether self services, the shift exchange platform, mobile time recording or preferred duty planning — our solutions free up scope for greater flexibility and self-determination at the workplace.

Andreas F.J. Obereder - Vorstandsvorsitzender und Gründer

» Especially in companies active in personnel intensive sectors there is a strong demand for intelligent solutions for efficient and highly flexible workforce management. This is the only way to secure competitive strengths over the long term. «

Andreas F.J. Obereder,
ATOSS founder and CEO

Elke Jäger


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Director Marketing and Public Relations

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