Process and potential analysis

Spot opportunities, optimize expediently and leverage resources profitably

Even when heterogeneous working conditions prevail, HR costs must remain plannable and keep firmly on the ground. In times of fast lane change and global competition, rapid-response organizations are particularly challenged. The essential preconditions: agile and efficient personnel processes and room for maneuver in terms of working hours. Adaptable processes and demand transparency are crucial in order to use resources in each and every market situation in the best possible manner.

In this context, workforce management is becoming a strategic instrument exerting decisive influence on competitiveness and productivity. This holds particularly true for personnel-intensive industries. Whether in the service sector, retail, logistics, production or health care – demand-optimized workforce management is capable of achieving effects that have long since been exhausted in other areas. The potential unleashed by efficient workforce management, however, is often underestimated. A specific process and potential analysis will clearly indicate the areas in which your company can make better use of its resources – both quantitatively and qualitatively. Evaluations of successful projects in recent years document the high savings potentials achievable across industries.

Optimizing work and process worlds

Process weaknesses in human resources also incur productivity losses and prevent the capacity for smooth, agile action. Nevertheless, only few companies focus on this central value creation area. Addressing this situation, we will join forces with you to put your existing work processes, methods and documents revolving around workforce management on the testbench – and identify optimization opportunities. This thorough process analysis is geared to identifying development potential as a basis for decisions on the systematic optimization of your workforce management – for the benefit of the entire company.

Thorough analyses for realistic success

The basis of the potential analysis is a detailed and objective recording of the status quo of the workforce management processes. The resources deployed and the process expenditure are quantified and qualitatively evaluated. On this foundation, recommendations for process optimization are developed, including the use of a state-of-the-art software solution. By comparing the status quo and the developed target processes, the savings are determined in the potential analysis and the qualitative benefit is evaluated. Based on an estimation of the required investments, a business case and an implementation plan are created. In this way, the overall economic effect of harnessing a new workforce management solution becomes visible.

Comprehensive consulting is our claim

Our consultants benefit from over 30 years of extensive experience and the in-depth know-how gained from around 10,000 projects in the workforce management field. Drawing on these competencies, you will receive directly implementable best practices that have already proven their worth many times over. In charting your course to optimized workforce management, we will systematically support you with proven process models and methodologies based on leading strategy and management consultancies.

Customers from all sectors and industries, such as Fronius International, EDEKA, dm Drogeriemärkte, Augustinum, Procter & Gamble, RITTER SPORT or thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel, initiated their entry into professional workforce management with a comprehensive analysis of their processes and potential. You too can achieve your highest potential!


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