The ATOSS consulting approach

COMPREHENSIVE, ­systematic and­ HIGHLY competent

ATOSS Consulting is an acknowledged, proven consulting specialist in the area of digital workforce management. We draw on over 30 years of experience from around 10,000 successful projects which we have implemented for customers of all industries and company sizes worldwide. In this context, we rely on a comprehensive, holistic consulting approach that encompasses all relevant aspects of workforce management. We pursue a structured and proven project approach with a clear focus on generating benefits and providing you with implementable best-practice solutions that genuinely work in daily practice.

Comprehensive­ workforce­ management OPTIMIZATION

A decisive factor for the success of a workforce management project is that all improvement measures encompass the company in its entirety:

  • the corporate culture, including the organization of working hours, the flexibilization of working hours or company agreements, for example
  • the operational core processes, such as holiday planning or workforce scheduling
  • the organization, as reflected by centralized instead of decentralized planning
  • the workforce management software employed, its requirements and the specifications

Only by applying a comprehensive, holistic approach that factors in all these aspects will it be possible to implement solutions that achieve maximum benefits and create optimal conditions for all participants and stakeholders.

ATOSS Workforce Management

Workforce management optimization matched by ideal change management

Step by step:­ systematic­ and­ targeted­ improvement

We will lead you through every phase of the workforce management optimization process enabling you to benefit from the fullest inherent potential. The first question to answered in a workforce management project is the resulting benefits. Which is why the first thing we do is to conduct process and potential analyses to identify change requirements. In the process, we record the status quo of the existing processes in your company, show you tried and tested, best practice solutions, draw up a business case and define the specific software requirements as well as the specifications.

After the­ analysis: How can the­ maximum­ benefitS be­ ACHIEVED­?

The next step involves determining what your future workforce management should look like so that the company will benefit in the best possible way. In order to achieve this, we will develop a comprehensive workforce management concept customized to your organization and will execute specific optimizations.

The concept includes a target definition and describes the project structure and the roadmap. It also factors in company agreements, defines the process design and records the organizational structure and role profiles. In the course of the optimization process, we will develop the appropriate working time regulations, shift model optimization and downtime management.

Already from this project phase going forward, we will accompany you with a comprehensive change management concept to anchor the change resulting from workforce management optimization in your company. In addition, we will also support you with a communication concept and its implementation. In this manner, the project benefits will be communicated to employees and stakeholders in a readily comprehensible manner.

­Successful­ implementation of your­ optimized­ workforce­ management

After these preparations, we will take your workforce management to the next level in terms of practical implementation. The complete software implementation is executed by the ATOSS Professional Services specialists: These experts perform quality monitoring, carry out an implementation check and are at your side in the continuous improvement process. In addition, the seasoned professionals from ATOSS Consulting will assist you with their many years of experience in project management.

Following successful implementation, we will go on to identify any new and open issues that need to be addressed for further optimization. Our consulting services also comprise a benefits analysis and a roadmap for sustainable optimization. This will ensure that your new workforce management delivers the maximum benefits.

On an operational level, e.g. maintenance or support, you will also be supported by ATOSS Professional Service.

On the operational level, e.g. in maintenance or support, ATOSS Professional Service provides additional support.

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