Demand-driven workforce scheduling

Fluctuating demand scenarios necessitate flexible personnel deployment

Idle times or drastic overstaffing – both incur negative consequences and dampen profitability and competitive prowess. These scenarios can be avoided, however, by opting for flexible and demand-driven workforce scheduling.

Across all industries and sectors, today’s companies have to navigate volatile markets. Whether its fluctuating incoming orders in manufacturing, unpredictable customer or patient frequency in retail or healthcare, or seasonal fluctuations in logistics and the service sector – personnel requirements are anything but steady. Volatility is a critical factor across the board – and trending upwards.

If personnel capacity is not fine-tuned to the market environment, companies lose hard cash. Unproductive working hours and spiraling personnel costs are the result. In addition, during high-frequency phases, orders cannot be processed in a reasonable time. Consequently, overtime is built up or temporary workers are called in, while delays lead to monetary losses and dissatisfaction on the customer side. Under pressure, the risk of quality deficits also escalates.

Companies that have a precise knowledge of their actual staffing needs can buffer these problems or even avoid them altogether. Depending on the industry, a flexible combination of different measures will help to achieve an adequate determination of requirements.

Elevate service levels and reap savings in the millions  

The positive effects of a demand-driven workforce scheduling will quickly become apparent. While personnel expenses contract, service levels and production quality will be back on the upswing. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty improve significantly. The result: savings of up to millions of euros – simply by opting for a workforce scheduling solution precisely attuned to demand.

Leveraging demand-driven workforce scheduling, manufacturing companies will achieve the best possible machine and employee utilization, relegating unnecessary shift supplements and cost-intensive production downtimes rapidly to the past. And when employees with the right qualifications are always planned in precisely, process effectiveness also shifts into higher gear.

Retailers also stand to benefit appreciably from demand-driven workforce scheduling. Staff on the shop floor consistently in line with customer frequency guarantee high service levels, strengthen customer loyalty and secure conversion rates and sales.

Managing complexity the smart way

Workforce scheduling is a complex undertaking. How can personnel requirements be determined if they not only fluctuate over the course of a week or year, but sometimes even hourly? How do you plan availabilities with regard to holidays, illness or other absence reasons? What legal requirements regarding working hours or collective bargaining requirements must be taken into account? Transparency with regard to demand and legal working time frameworks is absolutely essential in demand-driven planning. We are at your side in mastering this complexity efficiently.

Benefiting companies and employees alike

When taking workforce scheduling to the next level, the current planning should initially be analyzed and evaluated in detail. Improvements can be achieved, for example, by reorganizing working times or vacation periods. By taking specific vacation quotas into account in absence planning and gearing vacation approvals accordingly, over- and understaffing can be avoided. And when personnel deployment is adjusted to actual personnel requirements, fewer short-term changes to planning will occur. Your employees reciprocate – with higher job satisfaction, lower sickness rates and rising productivity.

Workforce scheduling tailored to your requirements

ATOSS Consulting will support you in optimizing your personnel processes – individually tailored and fined-tuned to your requirements. We will ensure that your workforce scheduling is optimally in line with your actual personnel requirements.

You can rely on over 30 years of extensive experience and benefit from the in-depth know-how that our consultants have gained in around 10,000 projects in the field of setting up demand-driven workforce scheduling plans. Whether you need detailed workforce forecasts, flexibilized working hours, optimized workforce management, ergonomic duty schedules or efficient time and attendance management – we will get you in high gear in mastering the working worlds of the future.

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