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»doc around the clock« is the guiding principle of Medgate. The Swiss provider of integrated outpatient healthcare operates Europe’s largest telemedicine facility. Around 250 staff, including 60 physicians, 35 medical assistants and six telemedicine advisors provide patients with support in health-related matters around the clock – over the phone, via the Internet or by video. The team handles up to 4,300 teleconsultations a day. This calls for efficient workflows and workforce management tailored to patient frequency.

ATOSS Workforce Management helps provide qualified outpatient healthcare on a demand-based and cost-optimized manner around the clock. As of recently, 70 call center agents are also using the integrated shift exchange platform, and can exchange working hours with their colleagues on their own responsibility. Almost anything goes. Our system automatically checks to make sure that the small number of defined regulations such as minimum team size or a maximum working time of five workdays in a row are adhered to when shifts are exchanged. All that freedom of choice makes work even more fun – for the benefit of Medgate’s employees and customers alike.

Source: Our customer Medgate | ATOSS Annual Report 2014

Best of Medical

For the benefit of patients, employees and businesses

Business cases from the health-care sector. For a of future-oriented, flexible workforce scheduling.

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