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The Duvenbeck Group is represented at over 35 locations throughout Europe, employing around 6,000 members of staff. Founded in 1932, this family business stands for integrated logistics services and total customer focus. And this is precisely the corporate culture lived at Duvenbeck as a daily matter. Consequently, the portfolio is rigorously aligned to customer requirements, ranging from Conceptual Development to Freight Forwarding through to Contract Logistics. The roster of customers includes, for example, the major brands of the automotive and automotive supply industries. Just-in-time and just-in-sequence are the guiding principles here. Duvenbeck is opting for digital Workforce Management to bring even greater efficiency to its personnel processes in Contract Logistics and ensure optimal personnel deployment at all times. In this context, the owner-managed company is relying on the ATOSS Logistics Solution for its facilities in Germany and Hungary.

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The rollout for the 500 employees at the Hungarian Kecskemét location is already underway, while the introduction in Germany for 600 employees is topping the shortlist. At that juncture, the working times of 1,100 logistics staff will be recorded digitally and will be available for planning with real-time information. Country-specific regulations, collective agreements and rules are automatically reflected in the planning process. The qualifications required are also automatically incorporated. This ensures that the right employees are always in the right place at the right time. In future, planners will be able to conveniently fill jobs such as order picking, high-bay work or the pre-assembly of engines by drag&drop – based on the Flexible Assignment Plan. Employees in Germany will be able to view their working time accounts at any time via ATOSS Self Services, which means they are always right up to the minute on their shifts. The expectations of the Workforce Management projects are clearly defined: leaner processes, less administration, higher planning quality and just-in-time staff deployment.

Source: Our customer Duvenbeck | ATOSS Annual Report 2018

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