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Epiroc ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of drilling equipment for the construction of tunnels and underground projects, providing a full range of equipment for construction work above and below ground. With around 14,000 employees active worldwide, Epiroc epitomizes the highest levels of precision and innovation. Fielding its premium products, the company is continually setting new standards in the mining, infrastructure and natural resources sectors. Transparent, agile personnel processes are essential in securing global technology and innovation leadership. Which is why Epiroc Construction Tools has chosen ATOSS Time Control in the cloud for its Workforce Management. Around 470 employees in Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland will be integrated into time and attendance management and workforce scheduling. As part of the digitization project, the three-shift system at the production location in Essen will be concurrently converted to a more efficient four-shift system. The entire workforce takes actively part in the working time processes via self services. The entire absence and approval process is now handled digitally with workflows. Employees and management are able to access up-to-the-minute information at all times.

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To bring even greater flexibility and transparency to its working time processes, the manufacturer of hydraulic auxiliary equipment for carriers has introduced the ATOSS Mobile App. Moreover, an access control system with PCS terminals is on the agenda. Globalization spells complexity. Among other features, the software takes account of the pay scale for the chemicals industry, collective agreements with the IG Metall and Verdi unions, eight company agreements and the Austrian collective agreement. An interface with the global payroll of our partner ADP ensures that wage payments and allowances are correctly calculated across national borders. The solution is due to enter real-time operation within the shortest period of time. In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly and in time and budget, ATOSS Consulting is taking over the project management, while guaranteeing professional change management at the same time. We are looking forward to supporting Epiroc on its journey to a future-proof working environment.

Source: Our customer Epiroc Construction Tools | ATOSS Annual Report 2018

Professional workforce management is a key building block on our way to the Factory 4.0.

Reiner Koch | CEO
Epiroc Construction Tools

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