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With its pump business, Pierburg has been holding its own for decades in the globally highly competitive automotive supply industry thanks to market conforming innovations and high quality. Nearly all renowned automotive manufacturers rely on the oil, vacuum and coolant pumps from this brand owned by Rheinmetall Automotive AG. Efficiency is the top priority in the manufacture of vehicle components and an important key to economic success. This also includes efficient workforce Management.

ATOSS Consulting was tasked with conducting a critical review of the processes, from the calculation of demand over vacation and deployment planning to time recording and evaluation. The detailed process and potential analysis convinced company management, and the pilot project in Hartha is now ongoing with 335 employees in four mini-factories run as profit centers. The aim is to introduce the ATOSS Enterprise Solution across all factories with a seamless connection to the SAP APO and SAP HCM systems used in the company. Manual processes and carryovers are to be eliminated and deployment planning centralized. In Hartha, demand-optimized planning and scheduling as well as efficient, error-free time & attendance management have now become a reality beyond all system boundaries. First responders and fire prevention officers are planned automatically and audit-proof with the ATOSS solution, too. ATOSS Task Management is used as a proactive warning system. For example, it is designed to inform employees by SMS of any shift changes made at short notice, and support management in defined assignments – i.e. by pointing out if an employee has been working for more than ten hours. Pierburg's next step will be to involve employees more closely in the organization of their working time via the shift-swapping Exchange.

Source: Our customer Pierburg | ATOSS Annual Report 2016

The goal of our workforce management project is to achieve cost-effective, demand-driven planning without risks.

Peter Geissler | Hartha Plant Manager

Best of Prodction

For more flexible personnel processes in production

Business cases from the production sector. For a future-oriented, flexible workforce scheduling.

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