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»If it moves it‘s our job to stop it.«  That’s the philosophy of TMD Friction, one of the world's largest manufacturers of brake pad technology. The company is part of the Japanese Nisshinbo Group, and counts more than 5,000 employees in Europe, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, China, Japan and South Africa. In Germany, TMD Friction is operating four modern production facilities and a research and development center. To make its workforce management more flexible, while easing the burden of administrative tasks on the HR Shared Service Center at the same time, TMD Friction opted for the ATOSS Enterprise Solution for its roughly 1,500 industrial workers in Germany, with an interface to the SAP® HCM software at work throughout the Group.

The solution is already in full operation at the Hamm and Coswig facilities. Today, the 600 employees in production, maintenance and the blending unit are planned and scheduled with qualifications, pay-scales and legislation fully adhered to. In addition, the Automatic Duty Plan is implemented in the production area. The rule based plan guarantees that staffing specifications are taken into account at a workplace and shift level, the required qualifications are met when workplaces are changed during the day, while employees are scheduled according to priorities. Preferential planning assigns higher qualified employees to more demanding workplaces. First Aid Officers are also planned and scheduled by the solution with audit-proof duty plans. Non-industrial workers on flexitime can find out their duty details via Self Services as well as apply for vacation or overtime. All the relevant information such as time corrections or allowances are automatically imported into SAP HCM. Complex manual entries, multiple registrations and media gaps are a thing of the past at the Hamm and Coswig locations. Optimized duty schedules, lean personnel processes and greater transparency in all working time matters – a combination that will certainly not put the brakes on TMD Friction. The rollout in other German facilities is already at the planning stage, and the possible international deployment of the ATOSS solution in Mexico, the United Kingdom, South Africa and China is currently under review.

Source: Our customer TMD Friction | ATOSS Annual Report 2016

Duty schedules based on qualifications and priorities, lean HR processes and a significant reduction in administrative complexity on all levels – we are impressed by our workforce management pilot project.

Markus Wittig | HR Manager Shared Service Center
TMD Friction

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