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The prestigious Peter Hahn fashion house offers its customers classy fashion through all channels. This successful multi-channel enterprise with around 1,000 employees sells high-quality, sophisticated fashion and interior design accessories in nine European countries. Whether by catalog, over the Internet or at the 19 fashion houses and four outlets in Germany and Switzerland – at Peter Hahn, it’s all about inspiring customers. Superior service and committed staff play a crucial role in fulfilling this ambition – which is why this tradition-steeped company headquartered in Winterbach in Swabia relies on ATOSS Workforce Management across the board. From admin to the service center onto logistics and the various branches, the time recording and access control functions cover around 950 employees.

Self services provide the necessary transparency in all aspects of working time, and the workforce is actively involved in working time management processes. Dormakaba terminals are also used to book times directly to defined logistics activities. The same applies to switching employees to different tasks in the course of the day. The advantage is that the information thereby recorded is immediately available to management for evaluations and analyses. Customers can reach the Service Center with some 80 agents from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm every day. The ATOSS solution takes the forecast volume of calls into account, guaranteeing consistently qualified customer care. Return rates and return times are incorporated into the planning and scheduling of around 250 staff active in logistics. That enables rapid response times and reduces expensive overand understaffing. The 220 employees at the 15 fashion houses and four outlets in Germany are also planned and managed efficiently for the benefit of customers. And ATOSS Workforce Management is also performing excellent work in planning apprenticeships and access management for external service providers. Thought is now being given to introducing the shift exchange platform and preferred duty planning modules to achieve an even better work-life balance in the future. After all, it is Peter Hahn’s avowed ambition to regularly exceed expectations. And that applies to employees and customers alike.

Source: Our customer Peter Hahn | ATOSS Annual Report 2017

Our aim was to achieve integrated workforce management across all business segments. This makes us effective, creates transparency and enables us to plan and manage our staff throughout the company in a manner that benefits customers while also accommodating employees interests.

Jörg Marx | Head of Human Resources and Public Relations
Peter Hahn

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