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Beneficial for people and the planet – this is the guiding principle behind the Alnatura success story. As an organic foods retailer, simply everything revolves around sustainability – whether in Production, Logistics, the Online shop or the more than 130 Super Nature Markets. Information transparency and co-determination are integral elements defining the identity of this expanding organization with around 3,000 employees. Naturally, these principles were also key considerations when it came to workforce management. Alnatura opted for ATOSS Retail Solution in the cloud. The implementation of the solution called for minimum support by our consultants. Following a pilot project with two representative markets – Constance as the largest outlet and Stuttgart as one of average size – the company managed the rollout mostly by itself. Tightly planned, well structured and according to a uniform concept, this was all accomplished within a sensational five-month period. Another benefit of the cloud solution: The key users in individual areas were efficiently and cost-effectively trained at events hosted in centrally located hotels. Market managers and planners are not only delighted with the high degree of functionality, but also appreciate their solution’s modern interactive design.

Today, time and attendance management and workforce scheduling are significantly more efficient. The qualifications required are automatically incorporated in the planning process. After all, there are special requirements to be considered, especially with regard to herbal and natural care products, that must be met by way of specific approvals for certificates. Moreover, workplaces such as the cashdesk, the fresh food or bakery counters also demand skills that are reflected in ATOSS Qualifications Management. Thanks to self services, employees can access their working time accounts at all times. The complex process of planning annual holidays has also been optimized. In order to provide customers with even better service, the introduction of Workforce Forecasting and Planning Quality modules as well as staff integration are next on the agenda. Alnatura lives sustainability – and Workforce Management is no exception.

Source: Our customer Alnatura | ATOSS Annual Report 2018

Greater transparency, higher planning quality and significantly more efficient HR processes – our new workforce management system is already making an impact.

Richard Kneis | Head of IT Department (CIO)

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