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AirHop stands for fun, action and sports – in short for jumping and bouncing fun for children and adults alike. The company, founded in the United Kingdom, is one of the first professional operators of trampoline parks in Europe. The recently opened parks in Essen and Munich are just the beginning, and work is already ongoing on six further projects in Germany. Jumping fans, trendsetters and adrenalin junkies of all ages can fill their boots in the AirHop Parks. An XXL trampoline court, 3D dodge ball, slam dunk tracks and battle beam duels are just a few of the action packed features. And there are cozy AirHop cafés for when visitors need a breather. Such a dynamic, high-paced environment calls for a committed, flexible team. That’s because things can really heat up in these parks, especially on weekends, national holidays and during school vacations. Consequently, the company relies on ATOSS Time Control to plan the deployment of its staff in Munich, Essen and Gothenburg, Sweden – and more to come.

Flexibility, scalability, the internationalization capabilities and not least the intuitive user interface were the deciding factors in winning over management. Currently, more than 300 employees, among them many part-time workers, working students and mini-jobbers, are managed by ATOSS Time Control in a legally compliant manner. Access control with a multi-level authorization concept is also running on our solution. Employees can use Self Services to apply for absences, view duty plans or working time accounts and submit their individual working time requests. HR planning takes account of the demand fluctuations at the parks, and if necessary, readjusts plans at short notice. By the way, speed was also the order of the day in terms of software implementation at AirHop – with only a few weeks between the contract awarded and full operation. A sporty challenge we were happy to accept …

Source: Our customer AirHop | ATOSS Annual Report 2016

We are expanding rapidly. Our workforce management solution must be able to match and map this growth flexibly and quickly.

Michael Jung | CEO

Source: ATOSS Annual Report 2016

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