You can rely on HUK-COBURG – round the clock, if needs be. The insurance group is represented in 38 locations in Germany, and with more than 11 million customers, it is in the top 10 of German insurance companies. Any company managing that volume of data, has to pay attention to security. That is why data protection at HUK-COBURG starts with access control. There are around 700 terminals and 130 authorization zones in operation. The workforce management system also deals in big numbers – and agile personnel processes.

More than 10,000 employees across the insurance group are managed with the ATOSS Enterprise solution. Around 1,500 full-time and part-time models are incorporated into the organization of working time. Expert service and fast response times are crucial success factors in any direct contact with customers. HUK-COBURG therefore works continuously with our consultants on optimizing the processes involving working time. ATOSS Employee & Manager Self Service has been introduced for all employees – with special adaptations and dialogs for the insurer. Around 1,600 employees are scheduled via the Automatic Duty Plan in nine customer service centers based on demand and in compliance with the rules. The time required for back office work is also factored into the duty plans. Tailor-made workflows ensure greater efficiency in personnel administration. ATOSS Task Management uses warning functions to ensure that all the relevant deadlines are met. Recently, a payroll interface has been created with the newly introduced SAP suite SAP ERP HCM across the company, and HUK-COBURG’s services company in Jena has been incorporated into the ATOSS solution. Preparations are now underway to implement the next projects together with our consultants.

Via workflow, employees will be able to submit application on a monthly base defining whether overtime is to be paid out according to an upper limit agreed with the works council, offset by freetime, or deposited in a longtime account. The hours defined will be automatically assigned to the appropriate wage type, transferred to SAP or recorded within the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite. And the next topic involving employee integration is already under review: mobile workforce management via smartphone with the ATOSS app. HUK-COBURG is definitely living up to its reputation as a company that focuses on the needs of both customers and employees, and systematically driving digitization in the HR domain.

Source: Our customer HUK-COBURG | ATOSS Annual Report 2017

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Our workforce management solution provides the basis for greater flexibility and employee-friendly working time concepts. A motivated team in daily contact with customers makes the all-important difference.

Marina Herbst-Böhm | Human Resources Manager

Source: ATOSS Annual Report 2017

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