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HUK-COBURG is a company you can rely on – 24/7 if need be. The insurance group operates out of 41 business locations across Germany. The efficient handling of the daily support of more than ten million customers is in the hands of 9,000 employees. Big figures also characterize time and attendance management. Around 2,500 full- and part-time models need to be dealt with in the organization of working time. Some 1,500 employees in the ten customer care centers have their working hours scheduled by the Automatic Duty Plan based on current demand. The amount of time needed for back-office work is also included in the planning and scheduling. After all, whenever direct customer contact is involved, it is absolutely crucial to have motivated staff, competent service and rapid response times. And the insurance provider is committed to becoming even more agile, which is why HUK-COBURG is currently scrutinizing all processes related to working hours and workforce management. Together with our consultants, the company is reorganizing and optimizing all of the HR planning processes. New workflows now increase the efficiency of personnel management. Furthermore, ATOSS Employee & Manager Self Services was introduced for all 9,000 staff, featuring dialogs customized for the insurance provider. Both the team and the management are delighted about the faster processes and the newly gained transparency regarding working times. Next on the company’s agenda is the ATOSS Task Management module with its warning and reminder functions.

Source: ATOSS Annual Report 2014

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Our workforce management solution gives us the basis for more flexibility. At the same time, it enables us to involve our staff responsibly in the organization of working time. A motivated team quite simply makes all the difference in the day-to-day contact with customers.

Marina Herbst-Böhm | Head of Human Resources Management HUK-COBURG
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