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Small and agile or large and established? Does it matter? In the financial services sector, the size of a company is not the decisive factor for customers. Whether it is an airport branch staffed by a single clerk, a call to the customer contact center or a visit to the nearest local branch office: what really matters is service, availability and a competent point of contact. Many banks have successfully adapted themselves to more demanding customers and increasing competition.

ReiseBank is the market leader in Germany’s travel currency sector. The specialized bank operates around 100 branches, most of which are located at train stations, airports and in attractive inner-city areas. Excellent service at all times is a must, despite or perhaps even because of the bank’s long opening hours and fluctuating frequency of customer visits. ATOSS Workforce Management schedules the personnel deployment in all of the branches in a cost-optimized and demand-based manner, taking the requested service level into consideration. And the results are impressive: more efficient workflows, more flexible personnel processes, higher planning quality, a fairer allocation of shifts and millions in potential savings in the medium term.ATOSS Employee & Manager Self Services actively involves the staff in the organization of their working hours, thereby motivating them and fostering their sense of personal responsibility. In this way, workforce management is creating a service- and employee-oriented working environment at ReiseBank.

Source: Our customer ReiseBank | ATOSS Annual Report 2014

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