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Tierpark Hagenbeck is an oasis and a miracle of nature right at the heart of Hamburg. The zoo, which has been in the safe hands of the same family for six generations, has been wowing some 1.8 million annual visitors with its pioneering biodiversity, landmarked panoramic views and spacious outdoor enclosures for over 100 years. Its highlights include the Arctic Ocean zone, one of Europe’s biggest elephant herds and a huge tropical aquarium complete with fascinating caves and underwater worlds to explore. Caring for over 1,860 animals in the right conditions for each species and looking after the 19 hectares of parkland requires a lot of specialist expertise, dedication and an HR setup that runs like clockwork – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As part of a company-wide process optimization project, management decided to introduce digital planning and management for the complex working times of 400 permanent staff and seasonal workers. And that’s where we entered the picture.

Zitat ATOSS Kunde Tierpark Hagenbeck

Cloud-based ATOSS Time Control is designed to ensure that the experts who are in charge of administration, catering and looking after the animals and their enclosures are in the right place at the right time and are equipped with the right specialist knowledge. Working times are recorded on terminals and transmitted to the payroll system through a standard interface without any errors or omissions – including all allowances for being on call or working weekends or nights. Holiday requests are also made and approved electronically without having to wade through lengthy forms. This means that team leaders always have their eyes on attendances and absences, working time balances, qualifications and compliance with the law and company regulations.

Some 170 animal caretakers and 40 members of the catering staff have already been integrated into the solution, with workforce scheduling in all zones set to follow in a next step. Once this is done, workforce management across the entire zoo will ensure lean processes and free up even more time and space for attending to the flora and fauna.

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