ATOSS welcomes "Mister 500"

Now here’s every reason to celebrate. On August 1, 2019 our employee “Mister 500” came on board at our Munich headquarters. As Henrich Götz, Director Human Resources, commented: “Our 500th employee marks an especially gratifying milestone. Naturally, with a look to our ATOSS 2025 Strategy it is all the more pleasing that in Christian, in his function as Cloud Architect, we have gained a professional with a very future oriented profile – after all, cloud issues play a vital role in our 2025 strategy.“



Our 500th employee marks an especially gratifying milestone.

Henrich Götz, Director Human Resources


Kontaktbild Henrich Götz

This HR milestone was reason enough for us to invite Christian for a short interview to find out more about him and his future task scope as Cloud Architect at ATOSS.

Christian, welcome on board – you are Mister 500, in other words, the 500th member of staff to join ATOSS. Could you please introduce yourself briefly? 

Christian: I am a native of Munich and have been active in various functions for the last 16 years in IT consulting, initially for a US company and subsequently for a Danish vendor. I then changed sides, and shifted from services to the customer side, and headed the IT area of a provider of digital content and digital mediatheques. In this function I was responsible, among other things, for cloud computing and cloud migration. I have now taken up the position at ATOSS as a Cloud Architect, which I am very excited about because I am absolutely fascinated by the incredible potential of cloud technologies. 

So, in your professional life you enjoy fine tuning, tinkering and crafting technical solutions. Does this apply to your private life too?

Christian: I love experimenting in my kitchen and trying out lots of new things. Cooking is my passion, and I really enjoy discovering new dishes, recipes and new food items – especially from Asia. When I’m not in my kitchen, and out and about, I really like my mountain bike, and apart from that you’ll find me at the fitness studio or Thai boxing. 

Thank you very much for these insights into your private life. But now, I’d like to turn to your job and ask you quite bluntly: What is a Cloud Architect and what will you be doing at ATOSS?

Christian: That’s a good question. Quite honestly, the entire field is really very, very  extensive. Many different technologies and a wide, multifaceted range of service providers are active here, and therefore, a very large number of different architectures are possible. So what is a Cloud Architect in this dynamic world? In my opinion, there is really no standard answer. Basically speaking, in my task area I will be concerned with developing future capable, forward looking concepts for the use of cloud solutions, and also implementing these solutions as efficiently as possible. The current demand for cloud solutions in the workforce management market is already quite sizable, and is set to put in substantial additional growth in future too. So I have my work cut out for me!


The current demand for cloud solutions is set to put in substantial additional growth in future.

Christian, Cloud Architect


ATOSS 500. Mitarbeiter Christian Leipholz

So the watchword is: future = cloud?

Christian: Exactly, but in future it will not just be a matter of shifting an application 1:1 to the cloud. It is far more a long-term question as to the additional possibilities that cloud technologies have to offer, and which concrete services a company is capable of offering in line with its business model. Basically, in future my task will involve further developing and optimizing our software so that it will be able to collaborate even better with the current technologies and also with the future technologies in the cloud area.

How do you perceive your function and the cloud issues in terms of our Strategy 2025?

Christian: When we take a look where ATOSS wants to be in six years, then globalization issues will represent an important aspect. And when we are talking about this, we will also have to address cloud issues. The two have to go hand in hand. These technologies are designed so as to ensure stable performance and smooth access to the Internet at even the most remote locations. The respective computer centers offer the powerful performance required, and also the necessary reliability and fail safety. Only cloud technologies offer these combined strengths – worldwide.

Christian, we wish you a great start and every success as Cloud Architect in your upcoming projects.

Christian: Thank you very much – I can’t wait to get going.