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Our Paramount Concern: Satisfied Customers

We aspire to ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction. Our Customer Service Center plays an important role in this process. Our hotline is a key yardstick for acceptance and customer loyalty over the long run. Here we show our total commitment to improving year by year and offering our customers the best services possible. All our consultants have an IT background as well as specific technical knowledge. Professional support management and a call tracking system ensure adherence to clearly defined processes and short response times.

Hotline Grade

We write Service with a capital S

We work tirelessly on our service quality. Our sophisticated quality management guarantees that we not only maintain the high level of performance of the ATOSS Customer Service Center but continuously improve. This is based on regular customer surveys conducted by an independent market research institute. Every two months, current users of the Customer Service Center are asked to assess our performance in an anonymous questionnaire. This yields objective results helping us to continuously improve our service levels. In 2020, our customers gave the hotline team a score of 1.82 — decidedly above the industry average. That gives us the powerful motivation and incentive to improve every day in every way. And our customers reap the benefits.

Source: Infotab Research GmbH 

Erik Mehlis


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