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With shopping trolleys from product lines sporting resonant names such as Tango or Salsa, Wanzl is bringing a breath of fresh air to supermarkets around the world. No wonder that the company won the German Design Award for excellent product design for the third time in 2018. Two million units sold every year make this family business with its head office in Leipheim in Bavaria the global market leader for shopping trolleys and a reliable partner to the retail trade around the world. Wanzl has specialized in the production of transport and presentation solutions. Production is divided into six divisions: Shop Solutions, Retail Systems, Logistics & Industry, Airport, Access Solutions and Hotel Service. With 4,900 employees in 27 branches, the company offers a strong global network serving customers such as EDEKA, TESCO or SHERATON.

In order to enable even more flexible response to customer demands in the future, Wanzl has opted for high-performing ATOSS Workforce Scheduling with an online interface teaming up with the company-wide SAP ERP HCM system. Initially, the solution is to be introduced for 1,500 production employees at the Leipheim and Kirchheim facilities. The clear aim is to achieve demand-based, cost-driven production, taking fluctuating order books and individual customer requests into account. Thanks to the Flexible Assignment Plan module, employees are directly assigned to workplaces and shifts through an intuitive drag & drop function – while consistently adhering to statutory regulations, works agreements, qualifications and individual time and attendance rules. That simplifies the planning process enormously while simultaneously enhancing planning quality. ATOSS Qualification Management is intended to ensure that the employees assigned to a workplace always come with the right qualifications. Wanzl aims to not only use the new workforce management solution to optimize its processes in connection with the deployment of staff and reduce the time and effort expended on administrative tasks, but also over the long term to cut the number of hours worked by temporary staff. First-class service worldwide – that is Wanzl’s philosophy. Innovative workforce management is to make a measurable contribution in future.

Source: Our customer Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik | ATOSS Annual Report 2017

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