Workforce management in a class of its own

The ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite readies working environments for the future

Global competition, volatile markets, increasing individualization and mega trends such as Industry 4.0 are forcing companies to continuously put their processes to the test and adapt them with agility. It's important that personnel processes support the implementation of changes smoothly instead of putting on the brakes. Because flexible working environments can only thrive on flexible workforces. Our answer to this challenge is the enterprise solution ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite. This facilitates workforce management at the highest level – and currently does so in 52 countries worldwide. In the cloud or on-premises. Another plus: our enterprise solution enables you to implement the stipulations adopted by the CJEU for obligatory working time recording without difficulty. With our app, this also extends to flexible employees on the move.

User experience in the spotlight

The ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite impresses with state of the art web technology, optimized interaction design and a clean, streamlined look — while offering the ultimate levels of functionalities. The reduced complexity and intuitive user interface open up new productivity and efficiency dimensions – any time, any place. The interface has been systematically pared down to the most important functions and dialog boxes, and designed in well-structured tiles. The use of the latest Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology permits numerous interactions, ensuring highly efficient work routines.

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What our customers have to say

From practice – for practice: Find out more about our cross-sector best practices.

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Uncompromising planning

Does your business model depend on the accuracy of your personnel requirement prognosis? How about the benefits of rules-based, automatic planning? With the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite, you can manage your staff in a demand- and cost-optimized manner. By shift, workplace or order. On a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly basis, or down to the last minute. Laws, collective agreements, company agreements working time models, qualifications and both ergonomic and individual criteria are all automatically factored in. Preferred duty planning and shift exchange platforms ensure that the personal interests of employees are duly considered in the planning process. The standard version of our enterprise solution covers strategic issues such as analysis and the management of fluctuating capacity or the simulation of demand scenarios.

Fully fledged workforce management

The ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite meets all the demands made on integrated workforce management — whether classical time management, self services, mobile apps, detailed workforce forecasting, sophisticated deployment planning or strategic capacity and demand planning. The infinitely scalable modular solution provides companies with measurable added value and future viability.

100 percent browser functionality and a convincing user experience – that was our vision for the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite. We wanted to raise the bar in the market for workforce management in terms of functionality, look and feel, user-friendliness and technology. And that is precisely our aspiration for the future.

Markus Wieser | Executive Director Product Management
ATOSS Software AG


Our modular product suites for the retail trade, logistics, services, manufacturing and healthcare sector meet any challenge with ease, whether fast track expansion, special demand scenarios or complex sector-specific collective agreements and regulations. 

The ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite basic and additional modules

  • Time and attendance management
  • Workforce scheduling
  • Task Management
  • Employee & Manager Self Service
  • Cost Center Management
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Project Time Recording
  • Management of qualifications
  • Further Training Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Time Recording: Workplace, Telephone, Terminal
  • Access Control
  • BI Connector
  • Automatic Duty Plan
  • Employee & Manager Self Service
  • Flexible Staffing Schedule
  • Capacity Planning
  • Employee Exchange System
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Management of Qualifications
  • Workforce Forecasting
  • Workforce Forecast Scenarios
  • Planning Quality
  • Further Training Management
  • BI Connector

Workforce management with a bright outlook

The ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite is characterized by superb functionalities, an intuitive user interface and state of the art technology. Platform-independent, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing system architecture. Our customers benefit from low integration costs, superior performance and free choice of time recording equipment, databases and operating systems – in other words, long-term investment security. Open and flexibly adaptable interfaces can be used to connect the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite to up- and downstream systems, such as payroll and ERP systems.

Benefits and effects

  • More efficient workforce processes
  • Greater transparency surrounding personnel issues
  • Cost-, demand- and employee-driven human resource planning
  • Higher planning quality through automatic planning
  • Faster response to fluctuating orders
  • Higher employee satisfaction through fairer planning
  • Foundation for work-life balance concepts
  • Qualified, long-term planning
  • Higher service and product quality
  • Increase in productivity and competitiveness
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