The high-powered solution for all standard demands

Keep a firm grip on working times and personnel processes with ATOSS Time Control

ATOSS Time Control is a product suite meeting all the classic demands made on any time management solution: benefit from powerful, extensive functionalities, advanced technology and intuitive operation. Flexible planning windows, pre-configured deployment scenarios, multilingual capability, role-based processes and outstanding performance ensure greater efficiency across the company — from time recording via self services to workforce scheduling. One server component for all assignments and sector-specific pre-configuration guarantee rapid and cost efficient real-time operation. ATOSS Time Control is available in the cloud or on-premises.

Time and attendance management for any scenario

Optimizing personnel costs, lowering administrative costs, increasing productivity – ATOSS Time Control serves up whatever companies may need to bolster their competitiveness. This modular solution is scalable and will readily match the pace of your rising demands. Optional extensions are available at short notice as required.

Time recording in an integrated system

Following the European Court of Justice (CJEU) judgment on obligatory working time recording in all EU member states, it is essential for companies to get to grips with this matter. The working time recording functions offered by ATOSS Time Control represent modern tools to meet all needs, allowing for “time stamping” by smartphone, laptop, Internet, checkout systems, terminals, or automatically upon opening a door. Whether in the office, on a construction site or when visiting customers, times and activities are recorded wherever they occur. Who is present and what are they working on? What is the status of projects and tasks? Is there a way to tweak the productivity of a team further still? Backed by ATOSS Time Control, you benefit from an up to the minute overview of working time balances, absences, overtime or allowances at all times. Staff transparency taken to the next level.

Deployment planning the easy way

You can use PEP scenarios to define all the important planning criteria in a customized screen. Qualifications, workplaces, orders and absences are all taken into account, as are employee preferences. Statutory provisions and those contained in collective agreements and company agreements are automatically monitored. Demand drivers such as sales, footfall or room occupancy rates can be imported from upstream systems and included in the planning process. Even complex planning tasks can be easily accomplished in the graphical user interface by way of drag & drop. Budget data in time recording automatically become target data or actuals through the integration of workforce scheduling with the time recording process of ATOSS Time Control.

Smart functionalities matched by intuitive operation

In spite of comprehensive functionalities and powerful performance, the guiding principle of ATOSS Time Control is quite clearly "usability first". A modern user interface ensures simple operation and low training input. For example, even the standard version of the solution offers optimized screens for important steps that can be quickly modified to suit personal preferences. Role-based authorization concepts and efficient processes translate as greater efficiency on all levels.

It’s all about likes – this is the principle that we rigorously adhere to when developing our solutions. Software today has to be intuitive to use and quick to install, while maintaining the highest functionality levels. That is what we want to be judged by.

Volker Gruber
ATOSS CSD Software GmbH

Benefits and effects

  • Manual input and routine tasks reduced
  • Greater transparency of working time issues
  • Cost-optimized, employee-friendly planning and scheduling
  • Greater planning convenience
  • Employee integration via self services and a mobile app
  • Less planning input and higher planning quality
  • Stricter cost control
  • Rapid response to fluctuating order books
  • Expedient evaluations
ATOSS Time Control Broschüre


ATOSS Time Control - Brochure (pdf, 2435 KB)
ATOSS Time Control - Time Recording

Time recording

ATOSS Time Control - Time Recording Fact Sheet (pdf, 772 KB)
ATOSS Time Control - Workforce Scheduling

Workforce scheduling

ATOSS Time Control - Workforce Scheduling Fact Sheet (pdf, 1297 KB)
ATOSS Time Control - Project Tracking

Project tracking

ATOSS Time Control - Project Tracking Fact Sheet (pdf, 682 KB)

Workflow Employee Self Service

ATOSS Time Control - Workflow ESS Fact Sheet (pdf, 466 KB)
Fact sheet ATOSS Time Control Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile app

ATOSS Time Control - Mobile Workforce Management (pdf, 1599 KB)
ATOSS Time Control - Access Control

Access control

ATOSS Time Control - Access Control Fact Sheet (pdf, 721 KB)

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