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ATOSS Solution Finder will help you to quickly and easily identify the right software for your company. Whether it's time management, self services, mobile apps, detailed workforce forecasting, sophisticated human resource planning or strategic capacity and demand planning — we have the right answer to your challenges. In the cloud or on premises. 

Do you need support in working time management or time recording?

Time Recording

You would like to record your employees' working times in order to implement the CJEU judgement, among other things, for example — on terminals, PCs or via mobile devices?


You would like to know who worked when, for how long and where?

Time Assessment

You would like allowances, e.g. for night shifts or holidays, to be calculated automatically?

Payroll interface

You would like to transfer the allowances automatically and error-free to your existing payroll system?

Workflow & Self Services

You would like your employees to be able to apply for holidays, post forgotten times and have them approved online as well as view their working time accounts and absences calendar?

Mobile Solution

You would like to use mobile apps?

Do you need support in the workforce scheduling area?

Working time forecast

You would like to know what effect your plan will have on your employees' working time accounts?

Taking qualifications into account

You would like to make sure your employees have the right qualifications for your assignments?

Taking personnel requirements into account

You would like to show your personnel requirements in the plan?

Determining personnel requirements

You would like to determine your personnel requirements automatically?

Cost forecast

You would like to know how much the current plan will cost?

Automatic plan proposal

You would like deployment plans at the touch of a button?

Personnel capacity planning

You would like to synchronize personnel requirements and personnel capacity for the following year?

Self Services

You would like to give your employees the chance to contribute their working time preferences to the plan and swap shifts online?

Integration for SAP Solutions

You would like to add powerful workforce scheduling to your SAP time management or SAP SuccessFactors?

Mobile Solution

You would like your employees to be able to view their schedules anytime and anywhere?

Which sector does your company operate in?

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Healthcare and Social Services

How many employees work in your company or company area?

If you are looking for an overall solution for your company, please select the number of employees in your company. Should you be looking for an isolated solution for an individual company area or a certain group of employees at your company (working students, for example), please select the number of employees active in this company area or in this group.

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