SAP time management meets ATOSS Workforce Scheduling

Uncompromising workforce management

Especially volatile markets and marked demand fluctuations often present a wide gap between the demand for staff and their actual deployment. The consequences are expensive overtime and unoccupied time, lower productivity, poorer service quality, sales losses and dissatisfied employees. Perfect synchronization of personnel requirements with personnel deployment can be achieved with ATOSS Workforce Scheduling, enabling the accurate mapping of even the most complex of planning requirements. The solution enables companies of all sizes and industries to easily draw up and evaluate complex shift, workplace and order-related duty schedules. This ensures that the right employee with the right qualifications is deployed at the right time in the right place — and at optimal costs.

Benefits and Effects

  • Straightforward, rapid planning with real-time information
  • Flexible design of planning dialog
  • Reduced planning complexity thanks to rules-based suggestions
  • Comprehensive rule violation warning system
  • Greater transparency thanks to standardized, up to the minute database
  • Planning response to fluctuating demand
  • Simulation of different deployment scenarios
  • Real-time forecasts with presentation of personnel costs and demand fulfilment
  • Higher productivity driven by optimized personnel deployment


Best of SAP (pdf, 3429 KB)


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Best of SAP (pdf, 3429 KB)


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Maximum performance, total investment protection

The comprehensive ATOSS planning functionalities are also available to SAP users without restriction. You can run your SAP Human Capital Management Software and at the same time schedule and manage your staff with our demand-optimized solution — online, right up to the minute and with pinpoint accuracy. Even the most complex of scheduling scenarios can be effortlessly implemented. Harnessing add-on modules such as Automatic Duty Scheduling, Capacity Planning or Flexible Assignment Plan, all the demands made on professional, operational and strategic workforce scheduling are fully covered. SAP users benefit from the efficient, demand-optimized deployment of their employees, greater cost efficiency and higher transparency. Investments are protected, while securing the benefits of overall system integration.

Planning beyond system limits

The ATOSS SAP connector ensures smooth data transfer between SAP ERP HCM PT and ATOSS Workforce Scheduling. The integration of the two systems maps personnel processes seamlessly, bridging any media gaps. Duplicate inputs, errors and inconsistencies are a thing of the past. The synchronization performed is initial, i.e. manual or time-controlled, and automatic in the event of changes. Personal information such as qualifications or time management data such as attendances and absences, on-call availability or time accounts, is available to both systems at all times.


An online interface developed together with ATOSS enables companies to integrate sophisticated workforce scheduling into their SAP solution. This creates genuine added value and opens up an exciting market for us.


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