Designing working environments to stand the test of time

Workforce management makes companies more agile

Sales and labor markets are changing rapidly. Companies keeping up with the pace of a global market economy have to be agile. This applies in particular to people in the work process. Because in the age of Industry 4.0, digital transformation and democratization, the working environment is undergoing fundamental change. Rigid deployment plans and ossified structures have been relegated to the past, while the flexibilization of working time is making companies fit to face the future. Flexible, demand-driven, employee-oriented personnel management is becoming a strategic tool, translating as a long-term competitive edge.

Workforce management works on many levels

The aim of ATOSS Workforce Management is to deploy the existing personnel capacity more intelligently and give companies the ability at all times to adapt quickly and flexibly to changing framework conditions without losing sight of employees' interests. Fluctuations in demand, for example, can occur due to volatile order books in industry, changing footfall in the retail trade, call volumes in call centers, fluctuating patient admissions or seasonal peaks in logistics. In the final analysis, it's a matter of synchronizing the workload with working times to the best possible effect at all times and scheduling staff in a cost optimizing manner. What makes this approach so unique is that it works on different levels. The result is a sustainably productive, future-proof working environment that actively involves the employees in the process of defining their working times.

Workforce management serves up success

With the aid of IT-based workforce management, companies can boost their effectiveness and raise productivity, improve their service level and product quality and quickly respond to changes in the market. Your competitive strengths and profitability stand to benefit markedly. The size of the company is irrelevant as the system is equally applicable to start-ups and major corporations. Innovative working time concepts also create the platform for a better work-life balance and support effective employer branding — subjects that are gaining in importance in times of demographic change. Intelligent time and attendance management, demand-optimized human resource planning and exact workforce forecasting prevent expensive overtime and unoccupied time. They allow the organization to breathe and enable it at all times to respond to fluctuating requirements in a manner that optimizes costs and is driven by demand.

Workforce management: all sectors stand to gain

The results from ATOSS projects demonstrate the potential behind demand-driven workforce deployment. They underline the benefit of workforce management for operating profit. One service company, for example, with 600 employees achieved savings of 1,300,000 euros in 4 years. A major logistics company with 6,700 employees was able to reduce unproductive working time by 30 percent. A retail company with 7,000 employees achieved a forecasting accuracy of 95 percent. Expensive over- or under-staffing were substantially reduced and the service quality enhanced. One project in the health sector achieved a staff turnover of under 5 percent. These are impressive successes which speak volumes for integrated, professional workforce management.

There's method in our ways

You too can deploy the most valuable resource in your company in a highly flexible, cost-optimized manner. With Consulting, Software and Professional Services, we help to ensure that the right employees with the right qualifications are in the right place at the right time in your company — and for the lowest possible cost. What makes us so confident? The experience and knowledge amassed from around 5,500 successful projects. Our experts will be happy to support you in facing any challenges and in every phase of your workforce management project.

Integrated workforce management

Lever for greater company success: 5 steps to integrated workforce management

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