Business Analytics: Transforming information into knowledge

Factual analyses drive down costs and risks

The systematic evaluation of data creates a solid foundation for managerial decision-making and secures a long-term competitive edge for companies. The classic application areas for so-called Business Analytics or Business Intelligence (BI) solutions today are still frequently encountered in controlling and sales. But the systematic collection of data and rigorous analyses are also becoming of increasing importance in the Human Resources field with its enormous wealth of information and many sudden changes. If information is correct, seamless and available at the touch of a button, the quality of decision-making and the pace of response trend upwards. Risks are minimized, costs reduced and potentials revealed.

Greater transparency for management

The systematic collection and evaluation of personal information is still a tough nut to crack in many companies. Due to an unsatisfactory database and a lack of system support, analyses are often produced manually at a high cost in terms of the time and effort. The ATOSS BI connector enables all the relevant data from ATOSS Workforce Management to be seamlessly integrated into conventional Business Intelligence tools. This creates the basis for comprehensive management analyses on the subject of time and attendance management and deployment planning. For example, working time accounts, absences, reasons for absences, sales per employee, the productivity of specific units or cost centers can all be evaluated in detail and from several perspectives. The transparency needed for more efficient personnel controlling is thereby created as well as an informed foundation gained for strategic and operational decisions. The wealth of personal data available in companies is transformed into useful knowledge.

Benefits and Effects

  • ATOSS data can be used in all conventional BI tools
  • All relevant data from ATOSS Workforce Management analyzed
  • Interconnections in personnel deployment fully transparent
  • Multi-dimensional, meaningful analyses
  • Standardized indicators used throughout the company
ATOSS BI-Connector

The ATOSS BI-Connector can be flexibly integrated with standard BI tools and transforms working time data into knowledge.

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