Capacity planning: planning tomorrow’s success today

Long-term, strategic management of personnel capacity

Personnel capacity planning presents the challenge of adapting capacity to requirements in the medium to long term. The aim is to efficiently harmonize unstable order situations in volatile markets in the face of fluctuating customer and visitor flows. After all: only with the right capacity planning can companies tap into their full potential in terms of optimizing costs, service and sales.

Capacity planning – keeping a constant eye on all the key factors

Personnel planners need a solution that makes capacity levels and demand visible and manageable in the long term – not just providing the necessary insights at the monthly, weekly or daily level. This is precisely what ATOSS Capacity Planning puts at your fingertips: it takes all factors into account that impact on personnel capacity and provides flexibly defined aggregation levels in terms of time and organizational structure. Planning covers all the relevant staff data – from general personnel structures such as full-time, part-time and temps through to comp time, vacation, sickness and qualifications.

Capacity planning as a productivity driver

The integration of absentee rates immediately reveals deviations between gross and net capacity as compared to demand. This substantially increases transparency and reveals options that open up strategic advantages for companies.

For example, long-term planning of departmental or site changes or early commissioning of external service providers can be used to specifically cover shortfall, thereby raising service levels. Annual holiday planning adapted to low-demand phases and shifting of staff hours over a year-long period can be used to increase strategic flexibility. Expensive, unproductive working times are measurably reduced, while planning reliability is increased – along with staff satisfaction.

Capcity Planning

Effective capacity planning lays the foundation for strategic personnel management.

Benefits and effects

  • Comprehensive overview of available gross and net capacity
  • Integrated absence and sick leave planning
  • Personnel requirements and deviations visible at a glance
  • Support for teams, divisions and the company as a whole
  • Enhanced planning quality due to anticipatory capacity balancing
  • Optimized costs, service and sales based on qualified long-term planning
  • Precise holiday planning based on harmonization with personnel requirements
  • Streamlined and efficient processes thanks to integrated database
Integrated workforce management

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