Personnel management – Banishing staff shortages at daily levels


What is the optimum way to manage staffing levels in the short term?

How does ATOSS simplify the short-term management of staffing levels?

What are the benefits and effects of optimum staffing level management?

Greater efficiency through professional planning

When it comes to personnel management, companies have to react speedily to sudden fluctuations in the demand for staff or to unforeseen absences. It is vital in the process to take the right decision quickly and efficiently with the aid of automated systems and highly transparent data. The objective is to maintain the desired service level for the lowest possible cost, while guaranteeing maximum compliance with the law also in the event of sudden staff bottlenecks – and without compromising significantly on the staff-centered approach. Clearly defined processes and efficient, IT-based human resource planning guarantee short response times and the optimum, fairest assignment of stand-ins.

Workforce forecasting

Determining how many employees are required
With which qualifications?

Personnel structure optimization

Match personnel requirement and structure in the long-term


Capacity planning

Aligning personnel demand and personnel capacity over the medium-term


Workforce scheduling

Operationally aligning personnel demand and personnel capacity in a sales, service, cost-optimized as well as employee-oriented manner


Managing and steering personnel

Optimal response to short-term changes

current day

Time and attendance management

Recording and evaluating working time

Working hours flexibilization

Cutting short-term staff management to a minimum

Every company should aim at nipping ad hoc responses in their staff management in the bud at an early stage or at not letting the situation occur in the first place. This presents a challenge in times of volatile markets and the increasing individualization of products and services. A stronger focus on medium and long-term workforce scheduling and personnel capacity planning creates the necessary preconditions. This prevents employees from being sent home with knock-on negative effects on employee satisfaction and avoids any explosion in expensive, unproductive working time. It also stops employees piling up above-average amounts of overtime and limits over-reliance on temporary staff with less expertise, which impairs productivity and quality.

Integrated workforce management as the objective

ATOSS has developed solutions for integrated workforce management enabling professional, strategic and operational planning and scheduling — from workforce forecasting through capacity planning and human resource planning to time management and self services. These systems can be used to determine personnel requirements on the basis of upstream data and intelligent forecasting methods, and to achieve the optimum synchronization of demand and capacity in human resources. In this way, you will create the best conditions for high-quality operational human resource planning, enabling you to significantly reduce improvised responses in your personnel management.


Workforce Scheduling and Management

Proactive personnel planning instead of reactive personnel management — put a stop to personnel bottlenecks in your daily business

Personnel management the smart way

The principle: A uniform system supports the lending of employees across the company or across departments as well as the use of pool staff. Elaborate, tedious liaison meetings become a thing of the past, and workflow bottlenecks are reduced to a minimum. When employees are absent due to sickness, for example, the solution automatically supplies the planner with suggestions for suitable and available employees to replace them. Defined criteria such as the level of working time accounts, qualifications or preferences are included in the selection process. Suitable employees receive offers to work certain shifts quickly and efficiently on their mobile devices. For short-term planning, so-called intraday management, ATOSS also offers Automatic Human Resource Planning. At the press of a button, it gives the planner a suggestion for a substitute plan, taking into account all framework conditions such availabilities, account balances, qualifications, requirements and rules contained in collective agreements or in law. In this way, sudden staff bottlenecks are successfully and economically overcome.


Benefits and Effects

  • System-based search for qualified replacements in the event of sudden absences
  • Ability to react quickly to sudden events by means of an automated intraday planning system
  • Flexible communication channels for automatically notifying employees of changes to the plan
  • Increase in employee satisfaction through fewer unscheduled work assignments
  • Business operations and service levels secured
  • Lean, efficient processes thanks to integrated database
  • Increase in employee productivity through the efficient avoidance of unproductive working time

Workforce management mastering each and every challenge

Our solutions are suited to companies of all sizes, across all sectors. Ranging from legally compliant time recording and classic time management to intuitive self-service solutions, mobile apps, demand-driven workforce scheduling and strategic capacity planning, we offer ideal solutions customized to every conceivable demand scenario – whether for start-ups, SMEs or large-scale enterprises, in the cloud or on premises. Benefit from professional workforce management – precisely tailored to your needs.


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