Personnel structure optimization: Successful in competition


How does ATOSS support you in optimizing your personnel structure?

What are the benefits and effects of personnel structure optimization?



Companies are permanently faced with the major challenge of optimally adjusting personnel levels to market volatility, resulting in constantly shifting personnel requirements. And in the process, they naturally have to take a myriad of employee-specific rules, company specifications and statutory regulations into account. Creating a balanced personnel structure is one central success factor in finding the ideal solution to meet personnel requirements. This includes establishing the optimum number of full-time, part-time and temporary staff with different availabilities, working time models and qualifications. Per facilities, departments and sections. After all, this is the only way to meet peaks in orders and demand in an entirely cost-effective, service-oriented manner, while securing competitive strengths at the same time.

Workforce forecasting

Determining how many employees are required
With which qualifications?

Personnel structure optimization

Match personnel requirement and structure in the long-term


Capacity planning

Aligning personnel demand and personnel capacity over the medium-term


Workforce scheduling

Operationally aligning personnel demand and personnel capacity in a sales, service, cost-optimized as well as employee-oriented manner


Managing and steering personnel

Optimal response to short-term changes

current day

Time and attendance management

Recording and evaluating working time

Working hours flexibilization

ATOSS personnel structure optimization pursues precisely this objective by answering the following questions:

  • What is the optimum personnel structure for a new location, area or a new department? 
  • What is the optimum personnel structure for existing locations, sections or departments, and how can the current personnel structure be best adapted to achieve this optimum?

A wide variety of personnel structures are automatically and independently simulated by specifying possible employee contract models, different absentee rates and the personnel requirements expected for each qualification. These scenarios are compared by means of freely definable indicators and rules, including assurance of legal compliance, divergence from personnel requirements or ensuing personnel costs. The result delivers a fast foundation for selecting the optimum personnel structure. Once this has been defined, specific value-adding measures can be initiated such as supplying the recruitment department with the desired employee profiles for a new location, or producing an action plan to change a facility from its current personnel structure to the desired structure.



  • Transparency on the expected personnel requirements
  • Incorporation of the personnel requirements expected from existing locations, departments and sections as a template for new units to be opened 
  • Definition of possible employee profiles for a personnel structure comparison
  • Flexible evaluation of the various personnel structure alternatives
  • Creation of an optimum personnel mix for new facilities, departments and sections 
  • Value-adding development of personnel structure 
  • Efficient, targeted supply of the employee profiles needed to the recruitment department 
  • Greater cost efficiency and service orientation 
  • Securing competitive strength

Workforce management mastering each and every challenge

Our solutions are suited to companies of all sizes, across all sectors. Ranging from legally compliant time recording and classic time management to intuitive self-service solutions, mobile apps, demand-driven workforce scheduling and strategic capacity planning, we offer ideal solutions customized to every conceivable demand scenario – whether for start-ups, SMEs or large-scale enterprises, in the cloud or on premises. Benefit from professional workforce management – precisely tailored to your needs.


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