New working times for new working environments

Professional time and attendance management in demand

Nine-to-five has served its useful purpose. The design of working time and workforce structures are undergoing permanent change. On the employers' side, there is increasing demand for needs-based working time models, and on the employees' side for working times that fit the circumstances of their lives. Long-term working time accounts, flexible working patterns based on the phase of life, sabbaticals, temporary work and mini-jobs are all on the rise. At the same time, average working time is falling. These changes present companies with new challenges. They have to be able to manage the existing, scarce working time smartly and in a cost and service optimizing manner instead of just administering it efficiently. At the same time, new framework conditions have to be created to meet changing workforce structures. This applies particularly to semi-retirement and the reconciliation of work and family life. As a result, companies will have to operate with a much larger, more individual range of working time models. The complexity revolving around time management and the associated demands for professional solutions managing valuable working time are trending upwards.

Time management today: Active approaches superseding pure admin

The pressure of global competition, an increasing shortage of specialists and skilled workers, as well as changes in the values of younger employees especially, will inevitably lead to the further flexibilization of working time. This development must be professionally managed. In view of the growing complexity, this cannot be achieved without IT-based time management to record, manage, evaluate and analyze valuable working time. It's important in the process that the interests of companies and their employees are incorporated into the organization of working time. Because satisfied employees are more willing to work and more productive. Classic time management today frequently still focuses on administrative issues such as collective agreements, wage types, balances, allowances or personnel expenses. In the future, however, it will become increasingly important to create an ergonomic, performance-enhancing working environment that specifically incorporates employee requirements. The more factors have to be taken into account, the more complex time and attendance management becomes. For example, collecting and evaluating working time data as the basis for company health and integration management, is becoming an ever greater priority. The systematic management of qualifications is another growing challenge in companies. Without efficient IT instruments, it is not possible to map the necessary processes economically or to establish sustainable time and attendance management for the benefit of companies, their customers and employees.

Integration creates transparency and efficiency

ATOSS pursues an integrated approach to time and attendance management — from the maintenance of master data, through time recording and time management to analyses and reporting. As ATOSS time and attendance management and workforce scheduling are fully integrated, workforce scheduling is also continually updated and optimized. This means that you always have access to up to the minute information. Companies have all the relevant working time data at their command at all times and can evaluate them in accordance with different criteria. How much is overtime costing? Who is actually present or can be tapped as a stand-in at short notice? How do the overtime and absenteeism rates of different departments compare? This establishes the transparency required to respond quickly where necessary, as well as a solid decision-making basis.

Benefits and Effects

  • Working times and absences automatically recorded and evaluated
  • Allowances automatically calculated and sent to payroll
  • Longterm and short-term accounts managed in accordance with freely definable rules
  • Statutory, collective agreement and internal rules automatically monitored
  • Basis for innovative working time concepts
  • Greater transparency for management and staff
  • Better controlling
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