Precise Workforce Scheduling

Defining demand, flexibilizing workforce deployment, keeping costs under control

Demand-optimized workforce scheduling is one of the most important tools for raising productivity —whether in manufacturing, services, call centers, retailing, the health sector or logistics. Whenever employees work at the exact time they are needed, expensive unoccupied time and overtime are reduced. At the same time, the level and quality of services and products rise as does the value added generated.

4 percent higher employee productivity, 80 percent less planning input and a 25 percent reduction in overtime — these results from current ATOSS projects document the enormous potential behind workforce management. You too can enhance transparency and hone your entrepreneurial agility through professional personnel planning. Integrated workforce management and demand-optimized deployment planning offer all sectors the opportunity of achieving greater productivity and competitive strengths.

Deploying personnel with pinpoint accuracy, managing complexity

Sustainable workforce scheduling requires more than merely determining the time and place of work. Demand drivers such as sales or customer footfall in the retail trade, occupancy rates in hospitals, call volumes in call centers or order intakes in industry are becoming more and more important. Legislation, collective agreements, company agreements and individual criteria also constitute fixed elements of any professional workforce scheduling system. For example, they include qualifications, specific working time models, age-related restrictions, working time requests or ergonomic requirements. Only the inclusion of all relevant parameters can ensure high-quality, optimized workforce scheduling. This complexity will increase as companies in the future will have to accommodate an even greater range of working times given demographic changes and the associated lack of skilled workers. This cannot be accomplished without powerful IT tools.

Workforce Scheduling

The aim of ATOSS workforce scheduling is the demand and cost-optimized synchronization of working times and order volumes.

Managing qualifications in personnel planning

It is often a genuine challenge for planners to assign employees with the best qualifications to the right workplace. ATOSS Qualifications Management defines and manages special qualifications such as First Aid Officer, Fire Safety Officer and specific skills for a certain job or workplace. High-quality, audit-proof workforce scheduling is ensured by automatically comparing employees' qualifications with the task or workplace in hand. Clear evaluations show employees' or departments' qualification status at a glance, highlighting any need for action. This simplifies long-term personnel planning.

Greater self-determination in working times

Employees represent a valuable resource in terms of adding value and knowledge, and they are crucial for the success of the business. Taking employees' preferences into account has long since been the standard embodied by ATOSS workforce scheduling. Shift exchange platforms for shift and duty schedules and apps for mobile workforce management support employees' need for greater self-determination and flexibility in the organization of their working time. This enhances personal responsibility and satisfaction at the workplace, and leads to lower sickness rates and staff turnover.

Benefits and effects

  • Simpler personnel planning
  • Higher planning quality
  • Demand, service and cost-optimized personnel deployment
  • Reduction in unproductive working time
  • More flexible response to fluctuations in demand
  • Processes optimized across the board
  • Greater transparency in personnel processes/costs
  • Higher added value and service quality
  • Higher employee satisfaction as a result of fairer planning and more flexible organization of working time
Integrated workforce management

Lever for greater company success: 5 steps to integrated workforce management

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