Workforce management for healthcare 

Without risks and side effects

Aging populations, multimorbidity, integrated care structures, a chronic lack of specialists and skilled staff and 24/7 services on 365 days a year. Momentous societal changes are confronting healthcare organizations with tremendous personnel challenges. Workforce management facilitates flexible duty scheduling driven by the treatment process, supports concepts promoting sound work-life balance – thereby creating more attractive jobs. The results are convincing: greater cost-efficiency, higher care quality, lower staff turnover.


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Vitos Teilhabe

Thanks to the skills of our consultants and the intensive training of responsible planners, the system was quickly in real-time operation.

Health- & Social Services

Saarbrücken Clinics

The targeted and actual working times of the entire hospital staff are stored centrally in the system. The statutory reporting by quarter, ward and shift is available at the touch of a button.

Health- & Social Services


As part of the Fresenius Group, Germany’s largest private hospital operator is now bringing its personnel processes up to speed for the future. Powered by digital Workforce Management from ATOSS.

Health- & Social Services


In future, the planning and management of the roughly 5,500 employees will be based on ATOSS Workforce Management in the cloud. The pilot project in Leverkusen is now up and running, and will be followed by the nationwide rollout.

Health- & Social Services

Gesundheitszentrum Wetterau

Gesundheitszentrum Wetterau is delighted to be benefitting from a workforce management solution that grows with the demands made on it, while ensuring investment protection over the long term.

Health- & Social Services

Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf

The foundation has been relying on ATOSS Medical Solution for many years to ensure cost-effective but at the same time service-oriented duty scheduling.

Health- & Social Services

Median Clinics

MEDIAN puts its faith in demanddriven, employee-oriented workforce management with the ATOSS Medical Solution.

Health- & Social Services

Kassenaerztliche Vereinigung North Rhine (KVNO)

IT-based time and attendance management has succeeded in extending opening hours without losing sight of employees' interests.

Health- & Social Services

Mainz University Medical Center

The University Medical Center relies on Automatic Duty Scheduling with ATOSS for doctors, special services, functional services as well as on-call duties.

Health- & Social Services

St.-Antonius-Hospital Eschweiler

The ATOSS Medical Solution is offering optimal process support, intuitive user interface and the necessary flexibility to cope with future challenges.

Health- & Social Services


ATOSS Workforce Management contributes towards ensuring round-the-clock, qualified out-patient healthcare that is driven by demand and cost-optimized.

Health- & Social Services

Lubinus Clinicum

The ATOSS Medical Solution makes a valuable contribution regarding efforts to implement the complex overtime regulations for regular and rotating shifts.

Health- & Social Services

Leverkusen Hospital

The workforce is actively involved in processes via Self Services and Preferred Duty Planning. Our app makes time & attendance management even easier. 

Health- & Social Services

Ingolstadt Clinical Center

The Ingolstadt Clinical Center has been planning and managing its roughly 3,000 employees for many years with the aid of ATOSS Medical Solution.

Health- & Social Services

Augsburg Hospital

ATOSS solutions form the basis for patient-oriented, cost-effective workforce management, optimized processes and greater transparency for employees and management.

Health- & Social Services

Evangelic Foundation Hephata

The organization of working time is systematically aligned with individual care services.

Health- & Social Services

Bavarian Red Cross Blood Donor Service (BSD)

ATOSS gets to the heart of the highly complex requirements for more than 700 staff and 200 feebased doctors.

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