St.-Antonius-Hospital Eschweiler

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With its 443 beds and around 1,300 employees, St.-Antonius-Hospital offers basic and standard care for citizens in and around Eschweiler. Besides highly qualified medical treatment and care, the academic teaching hospital belonging to RWTH Aachen attaches great importance to personal attention, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in the hospital and offering individual service. As with most institutions in healthcare, St.-Antonius-Hospital is also caught in the tension between care quality, making the hospital attractive to employees and cost-efficency. The growing importance of transparency in the area of working times and absences for staffing decisions and the wide variety of planning and administrative processes led to the decision to implement ATOSS Medical Solution for managing the employees in all professional categories. The decisive factors were its optimal process support, intuitive user interface and the necessary flexibility to cope with future medical and technical challenges.

In addition to conventional duty scheduling, St.-Antonius-Hospital is also harnessing the Flexible Assignment Plan. This enables medical staff to be planned and scheduled in a way that is relevant to their workplace, ensuring that special services and medical equipment are staffed according to requirements, while operating theaters are managed at their optimum capacity. In future, the ATOSS BI Connector will ensure smooth interfacing with the existing business intelligence tool. The intention is to facilitate multi-dimensional evaluations for management and create the necessary transparency for all issues related to working times. Greater process efficiency, higher planning quality and a more cost-effective workforce management – the largest confessional hospital in the municipal region of Aachen has adapted its time & attendance management to meet future Needs.

Source: Our customer St.-Antonius-Hospital Eschweiler | ATOSS Annual Report 2016

We place great emphasis on a family-friendly working environment. With our solution, we have created the necessary basis for efficient workforce management focused on our employees. In this way, we can work cost-efficiently, while at the same time remaining true to our values as a church employer.

Sebastian Baum | Commercial Director
St.-Antonius-Hospital Eschweiler

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Business cases from the health-care sector. For a of future-oriented, flexible workforce scheduling.

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