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For more than 60 years, Versandhaus Walz has been backing innovative ideas and responsible staff at its roughly 50 specialist retail stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the various international online theme shops and at the Bad Waldsee headquarters. This successful retail company has been planning and managing all aspects of its 1,300 employees’ working time with the ATOSS Enterprise Solution for many years.

This also includes the 430 employees active at the ultra-modern, proprietary logistics center. 24-hour delivery is the standard lived and achieved. Our solution ensures that every process – from goods inwards via the warehouse through to order picking and the occasional goods return – runs without a hitch. And there is a lot to do at Walz as around 25,000 parcels are dispatched every day – and even up to 42,000 at peak times. Precise scheduling and top-quality planning are pivotal. Automatic Duty Plan assigns pickers and putters to their correct workplace on the conveyor belt to suit the requirements identified. Statutory regulations, works agreements, working time rules and qualifications are factored in. Sudden changes are a daily occurrence in logistics. The ATOSS Logistics Solution copes with them effortlessly, giving Walz the transparency it needs in working times, e.g. for monitoring annual guaranteed hours quotas.

Source: Our customer Versandhaus Walz | ATOSS Annual Report 2017

Customers today want the best service on all channels. That only works if the workforce management front and backstage runs smoothly.

Bernd Richter | Head of Human Resources
Versandhaus Walz

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