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The Gore-Tex® brand has made a global name for itself with tough, weatherproof clothing and shoes. W.L. Gore & Associates, the company behind the brand, has much more to offer, however. Around 9,500 employees, referred to as associates, research, develop and manufacture products on the basis of fluoropolymers in the fields of electronics, functional clothing, industry and medicine. This creative technology company has facilities in more than 25 countries and operates production plants in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, China and Japan.

Gore has been relying on ATOSS Workforce Management for many years. Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore – these are just some of the countries in which the ATOSS Enterprise Solution gets to grips with the local laws, regulations and cultures around the world on Gore’s behalf. In future, however, no longer on premises but in the cloud. And there are clear benefits to this procedure: simpler management of the complex IT security specifications, the necessary flexibility for further expansion and maximum cost transparency. It’s gratifying that our scalable Enterprise Solution is also up to every challenge in the cloud, whether on a national or international level. We are delighted to have the privilege of supporting one of the world’s best employers in shaping their working environment. Committed to innovation – at Gore that also goes for its time & attendance management.

Source: Our customer W.L. Gore & Associates | ATOSS Annual Report 2017

Best of Prodction

For more flexible personnel processes in production

Business cases from the production sector. For a future-oriented, flexible workforce scheduling.

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